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Photography Competitions

Welcome to our photography competitions on Pentax User. Users create new competitions each week and month based on a theme of their choice and then select a winning image, the winner then hosts the next competition.

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Please only upload photos taken with Pentax cameras, rules and guidance notes can be found in the competitions section of the forum.
Current Competitions Judge Closing Date
Weekly #864 - Who, What, Where, When, Why? Noelcmn 21/04/2024
Monthly #142 - April Open Nigelk 30/04/2024

Winners Past Competitions

Weekly #847 - Shopping

Winning image Go on! Treat yourself by Nigelk-Judged by Flan

Closed: 10/12/2023

Weekly #846 - Coverings

Winning image Under Cover by Flan-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 03/12/2023

Monthly #137 - Metal

Winning image Strike while the steel is hot by Nigelk-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 30/11/2023

Weekly #845 - Windows

Winning image Let me in! by Noelcmn-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 26/11/2023

Weekly #844 - People

Winning image Sarah by garethjmorgan-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 19/11/2023

Weekly #843 - A railway station

Winning image Oporto Station by Nigelk-Judged by davidwozhere

Closed: 12/11/2023

Weekly #842 - Castles

Winning image Doyden Castle (National Trust) North Cornwall. by davidwozhere-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 05/11/2023

Monthly #136- The Alphabet Race

Winning image G is for Girl Next Door by johnriley-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 31/10/2023

Weekly #841 - Black and White in Colour

Winning image Une petite touche de couleur - A little touch of color by Francisbd-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 29/10/2023

Weekly #840 - Something about money

Winning image Cash in Hand by garethjmorgan-Judged by davidwozhere

Closed: 22/10/2023

Weekly #839 - Construction under way!

Winning image Don't even think about it ! by davidwozhere-Judged by drofmit

Closed: 15/10/2023

Weekly #838 - Other Trees

Winning image Feeding the Sheep! by drofmit-Judged by stephen-s

Closed: 08/10/2023

Weekly Competition #837 - Bridges

Winning image Bridging Autumn by stephen-s-Judged by davidtrout

Closed: 01/10/2023

Monthly #135 - Shadow Photography

Winning image Shadow play by Noelcmn-Judged by MikeInDevon

Closed: 30/09/2023

Weekly #836 - Strange Weather

Winning image Aftermath by davidtrout-Judged by drofmit

Closed: 24/09/2023

Weekly #835 - The Horseless Carriage

Winning image A One-Cee-Vee by drofmit-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 17/09/2023

Weekly #834 - Clouds

Winning image Moon & Sky by BraydenBise-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 03/09/2023

Monthly #134 - Street Furniture

Winning image Bumble Bee Bollard Cozies by MikeInDevon-Judged by MHOL190246

Closed: 31/08/2023

Weekly #833 - Sport

Winning image Motocross by Nigelk-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 27/08/2023

Weekly #832 - Frame within the frame

Winning image I'm Coming Out by sueriley-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 20/08/2023