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Photography Competitions

Welcome to our photography competitions on Pentax User. Users create new competitions each week and month based on a theme of their choice and then select a winning image, the winner then hosts the next competition.

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Please only upload photos taken with Pentax cameras, rules and guidance notes can be found in the competitions section of the forum.
Current Competitions Judge Closing Date
Weekly #876 - Wind stevistds 14/07/2024
Monthly #145 - Nature close-up Flan 31/07/2024

Winners Past Competitions

Weekly #827 - Interiors

Winning image Library by Simonmac-Judged by davidwozhere

Closed: 16/07/2023

Weekly # 826 - Wildlife and Nature

Winning image The comedian by davidwozhere-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 09/07/2023

Weekly #825 - Hobbies, Games and Pastimes

Winning image Hoop by sueriley-Judged by Simonmac

Closed: 02/07/2023

Monthly #132 - Flaming June!

Winning image Menace - threat by Francisbd-Judged by drofmit

Closed: 30/06/2023

Weekly #824 - Silhouettes & Shadows

Winning image Folk and their Shadows by Simonmac-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 25/06/2023

Weekly #823 - Flags

Winning image Flags by sueriley-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 18/06/2023

Weekly #822 - Uniforms

Winning image I'm off duty at 9! by garethjmorgan-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 11/06/2023

Weekly #821 - Water

Winning image Flow by Nigelk-Judged by davidwozhere

Closed: 04/06/2023

Monthly #131 - A Royal Connection

Winning image A Coronation Tea Party by drofmit-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 31/05/2023

Weekly #820 - Fast food

Winning image instant breakfast by davidwozhere-Judged by davidtrout

Closed: 28/05/2023

Weekly #819 - Geometric Competition

Winning image An abstract of angles by davidtrout-Judged by MikeInDevon

Closed: 21/05/2023

Weekly #818 - Architecture in Mono

Winning image Wells Cathedral Chapter House - Rib Vaulting by MikeInDevon-Judged by tyronet2000

Closed: 14/05/2023

Weekly #817 - Favourite/Best

Winning image Dreaming by tyronet2000-Judged by pipinmels

Closed: 07/05/2023

Weekly #816- Social Life

Winning image Having a laugh by pipinmels-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 30/04/2023

Monthly # 130 - In the Kitchen

Winning image Leeks Under the Kitchen Sink by johnriley-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 30/04/2023

Weekly # 815 DECAY

Winning image The decay has begun by Noelcmn-Judged by Simonmac

Closed: 23/04/2023

Weekly # 814 Music

Winning image Marching by Simonmac-Judged by RayW

Closed: 16/04/2023

Weekly # 813 - Rust

Winning image Rusty Groyne by RayW-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 09/04/2023

Weekly #812 - Wood

Winning image Wooden Bridge by sueriley-Judged by retsoor

Closed: 02/04/2023

Monthly #129 - Bientôt le Printemps ! Soon Spring!

Winning image New life by Noelcmn-Judged by Francisbd

Closed: 31/03/2023