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Photography Competitions

Welcome to our photography competitions on Pentax User. Users create new competitions each week and month based on a theme of their choice and then select a winning image, the winner then hosts the next competition.

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Please only upload photos taken with Pentax cameras, rules and guidance notes can be found in the competitions section of the forum.
Current Competitions Judge Closing Date
Weekly #868 - Book Titles sueriley 19/05/2024
Monthly #143 - Music johnriley 31/05/2024

Winners Past Competitions

Weekly #867 - Fayres, Fetes and Fun Events

Winning image A Muddy Run by sueriley-Judged by RayW

Closed: 12/05/2024

Weekly #866 - Atmospheric lighting

Winning image Penwood by RayW-Judged by pipinmels

Closed: 05/05/2024

Monthly #142 - April Open

Winning image Mr Neil Higham by johnriley-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 30/04/2024

Weekly #865 - COMPETITION

Winning image Gone fishing by pipinmels-Judged by Lubbyman

Closed: 28/04/2024

Weekly #864 - Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Winning image Lone (and lonely) photographer by Lubbyman-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 21/04/2024

Weekly #863 - Clouds

Winning image Pre-storm Clouds by Noelcmn-Judged by dewsburya

Closed: 14/04/2024

Weekly #862 - Using The Standard Lens

Winning image Aberaeron by dewsburya-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 07/04/2024

Monthly #141 - March

Winning image Pond Life by Nigelk-Judged by Flan

Closed: 31/03/2024

Weekly #861 - Inside the Box

Winning image Trapped! by johnriley-Judged by drofmit

Closed: 24/03/2024

Weekly #860 - Outside the Box

Winning image Campbell's Tomato Soup - deconstructed! by drofmit-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 17/03/2024

Weekly #859 - The Elements

Winning image Short Before Christmas: Light Snowfall over the Garden of the Royal Danish Library by kasperbergholt-Judged by Simonmac

Closed: 03/03/2024

Monthly #140 - Love

Winning image Signature Stone by Flan-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 29/02/2024

Weekly #858 Texture

Winning image Sand,Sea,Sky by Simonmac-Judged by Yorkie

Closed: 25/02/2024

Weekly # 857 Circles

Winning image Round and round ... by Yorkie-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 18/02/2024

Weekly #856 - People

Winning image X in the Box by garethjmorgan-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 11/02/2024

Weekly #855 - Mythical Creatures

Winning image Vampire by HazyJ-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 04/02/2024

Monthly #139 - Introspection

Winning image Contemplating my work space by Noelcmn-Judged by Flan

Closed: 31/01/2024

Weekly #854 - All Things and Folks Medieval

Winning image The Gatekeeper by garethjmorgan-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 28/01/2024

Weekly #853 - Nature in unnatural places

Winning image Reconquête - Reconquest by Francisbd-Judged by Yorkie

Closed: 21/01/2024

Weekly #852 - Shadows and Highlights

Winning image Lantern by Yorkie-Judged by Flan

Closed: 14/01/2024