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Pentax Resources

Useful links to Pentax related content, includes the official Pentax sites, manual archives and Pentax retailers and repairers.

Official Pentax Sites
Pentax Europe
Pentax Japan
Pentax USA
Pentax Ambassadors Website Profile
Matt Emmett Forgotten Heritage ForgottenHeritagePhotography
Bill Ward Bill Ward Photography thingsthatihaveseen
In Conversation With Pentax Ambassadors
Pentax Related Sites Description
MPB Used Pentax cameras and lenses from MPB. From DSLR to mirrorless to cine, find any Pentax camera or lens you'll ever need to start or upgrade your Pentax setup. Explore our used range of Pentax cameras and lenses. Change gear.
SRS Microsystems Recommended retailer for Pentax cameras and lenses.
Asahi Photo Company who specialise in Pentax camera and binocular repairs.
The Royal Photographic Society The RPS is an educational charity committed to bringing photography to everyone. Founded when photography was in its infancy, today we are a world-leading photographic community.
Asahi Optical Historical Club The international club of enthusiasts, historians and collectors.
Whitemetal Access to some great books about Pentax, and several download files that contain Pentax operating manuals in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
AOHC Comprehensive list of books on Pentax from the Asahi Optical Historical Club.
Cameraquest A site that looks at classic cameras and designs - includes a guide to the Pentax 43mm f/1.9 lens, Pentax Auto 110, Pentax Original, Asahiflex H2 and Pentax Spotmatic IIa SLRs.
Macro Bellows A web site devoted to macro photography with details about camera bellows, macro lenses etc and few products for sale including limited stock of B.P.M. Bellows in Pentax fit.
MIR Another page for Pentax LX fans.
Takinami The lens resolution tests on this site were held by Yoshihiko Takinami.
Peter Bargh The web site Peter Bargh, previous editor of Pentax User and ePHOTOzine.
Photography Attic A collection of used photo gear with some interesting Pentax rarities.
Mirror lenses A resource for those interested in the infamous mirror lens.
Ringflash All about ringflash photography, includes info on Pentax products.
Pentax Manuals A source of high quality Pentax manuals from all eras and other useful Pentax information ie repair manuals etc.