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Photography Competitions

Welcome to our photography competitions on Pentax User. Users create new competitions each week and month based on a theme of their choice and then select a winning image, the winner then hosts the next competition.

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Please only upload photos taken with Pentax cameras, rules and guidance notes can be found in the competitions section of the forum.
Current Competitions Judge Closing Date
Weekly #876 - Wind stevistds 14/07/2024
Monthly #145 - Nature close-up Flan 31/07/2024

Winners Past Competitions

Weekly # 811 - Leading Lines

Winning image Under the boardwalk by retsoor-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 26/03/2023

Weekly #810 - Spoked

Winning image Old Spokes by sueriley-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 19/03/2023

Weekly #809 - Headwear

Winning image Grils just want to have fun! by Noelcmn-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 12/03/2023

Weekly #808 - Street

Winning image Back Street Owl by garethjmorgan-Judged by Flan

Closed: 05/03/2023

Monthly #128 - Upstairs, Downstairs

Winning image Toujours plus haut - Always higher by Francisbd-Judged by johnriley

Closed: 28/02/2023

Weekly # 807- I C M ( Intentional camera movement )

Winning image Full Bloom by Flan-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 26/02/2023

Weekly #806 - Farm animal portrait

Winning image Sleeping Goats by sueriley-Judged by snakey

Closed: 19/02/2023

Weekly 805# - Water

Winning image Water Drop by snakey-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 12/02/2023

Weekly #804 - Fire

Winning image The Fire Eater by garethjmorgan-Judged by Nigelk

Closed: 05/02/2023

Monthly #127 - Money, money money, must be funny , in a rich man's world

Winning image Look after the pennies... by johnriley-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 31/01/2023

Weekly # 803 - Boats

Winning image Wreck and Ruin by Nigelk-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 29/01/2023

Weekly 802# - Open and/or Shut

Winning image Two Open One Closed by sueriley-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 22/01/2023

Weekly #801 - 'People at work'

Winning image The Wheeltapper by garethjmorgan-Judged by davidtrout

Closed: 15/01/2023

Weekly #800 - The Colour Purple

Winning image Purple at The Fringe by davidtrout-Judged by garethjmorgan

Closed: 08/01/2023

Weekly #799 - Celebrations

Winning image Voodoo Wedding by garethjmorgan-Judged by Noelcmn

Closed: 01/01/2023

Monthly #126 - Ground Level

Winning image Grasshopper view of a bridge by Noelcmn-Judged by sueriley

Closed: 31/12/2022

Weekly Competition #798 - A Merry Christmas

Winning image Bauble Patterns by Noelcmn-Judged by davidtrout

Closed: 25/12/2022

Weekly #797 - Illuminations

Winning image Lighting up The Toon by davidtrout-Judged by PRYorkshire

Closed: 18/12/2022

Weekly Competition #796 Built by Man

Winning image Criccieth Castle at Night by PRYorkshire-Judged by davidtrout

Closed: 11/12/2022

Weekly #795 - Beer

Winning image A quiet moment by davidtrout-Judged by davidwozhere

Closed: 04/12/2022