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Recent activity on our dedicated Pentax photography forums.


One advantage of dSLR that I'd forgotten.....

I've been using largely mirrorless in recent years and had missed the more immersive experience of using a dSLR. So I took the K3iii with me to a theatre dress rehearsal in St Albans last week and ...


IR K100D on Ebay

Hope so.... I was tempted myself but no point having 2 IR cameras....


Vic's Lenses For Sale Part Two

Tamron 90 safely received. Many thanks!


Modern Architecture

We've had some great sets from you lately Graham, and this is among them - don't stop, we're enjoying the show :cool:


Which colour film? Slide or neg.

The current choices in slides are expensive and I find don't scan wonderfully.Curious.... Did you use a dedicated transparency scanner or an adaptor for flat bed? When I used to scan slides I ...



Welcome to the forum


FS: Pentax M and K series lenses

Lens received, very fast delivery, excellent packaging and lens in superb condition. Many thanks!Glad you're pleased with it John - pleasure to deal with you again :cool:


Very lightly ISO: Ricoh Caddy

As per the title, inquisition at the moment only but does anyone have a Ricoh Caddy to offload? Meter working/not working doesn't matter but generally working otherwise. Seen a few going for aroun ...

George Lazarette

Arrival of K-1 III is imminent!

Impeccable as always, and welcome back!Thank you. Good to be back. George


Bought another lens for my K200D

my other half is saying "not another camera" "not another lens" LOLThey really don't understand, do they...? :wink: And the 55-300mm is a very good lens. But unless you're desperate for 300mm, i ...



The brotherhood of the Pentaxians is growing!! Ay oop from the Peak Dsitrict! :)


For Sale: 15mm, 21mm, 40mm, 18-135mm and 55-300mm

Hi Iím selling some lenses as detailed below. More pictures available if interested. Inspection/free collection from near Stourbridge. £10 post and packaging (Royal Mail Special Delive ...


Drive round the Peak

Lovely photo's.:smile:


Vic's Lenses and Flashes For Sale - Part Three

Some more kit that was owned by our friend Vic Cross, this time coming to the Pentax branded lenses and flashes. UK sales only. Payment by payPal please. Shipping £10 in total for any number of ite ...


Hidden Gem

I have used their services in the past. It's an old fashioned approach too where the people on the end of the telephone have time for you and want to get it right for you. They also stock an amazin ...


On the rocks again.

Two dinosaurs in the first image !A bit of paradolia me thinks lol


Over the river, over the rooftops.

Fabulous images, I particularly like the third image. That 55-300mm lens is a cracking lens by the looks of it :)


Spring In The Fruit Bushes

Thanks folks. I always enjoy seeing plants bursting into life, spring doesn't last long enough! Could no.3 be Blackcurrant instead of Blackberry Steve?No, definitely blackberry. A thornless vari ...


Berwick Bridges

Berwick is a great place for pictures. There is more shipping in the river too these days... and despite being at war it is quiet!! Thanks for your comments, Graham


For Sale: Pentax K-3 ii & Battery Grip

Hello, is this still available?


WTB Q06 lens

Thanks to HarisF1 I now have a replacement lens. Many thanks.


Lens repair

Post some pictures of the mount end.


Pentax DA* 300mm f4

Little bump! I have a wedding coming up so happy to trade for a K3ii if anyone has one for sale and fancies a lovely DA* 300mm.


Visitors today

Great photos and what a beautiful plane, must have been awesome to hear it fly over.~ Thank you. I love the low-rpm rumble they bring. .


Loving my Pentax K200D

Welcome back! Enjoy the rediscovery of Pentax!Thank you for the welcome John


Mars / Saturn conjunction

~ 11 APR 24 They are separating here, and won't be this close again for a couple of years. Be ready. Note the two dimmer stars above them in mirror formation. K-1ii & DFA 150-450 ...


8% Moon & Jupiter

Nice, maybe I'm imagining it but can you just make out a couple of Jupiter's moon in the second image? Cheers MikeYes you can! I am liking these. Hopefully..... I'll be out shooting :smile: ...


FS: Sigma EX 15-30 f3.5-45 DG

PM Replied Lens still for sale :cool:


Yesterday in Llandudno

Went for a drive in to North Wales yesterday... with all my filters and a tripod! Wow! Two stunning photos, I love the first one especially.


For Sale: Sigma 8-16mm HSM

No longer for sale