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Link Posted 05/11/2014 - 22:13
I'm running a 1920 * 1080 monitor, a high quality screen and I am not finding the whites too bright or anything difficult to read or scroll. The new layout works just fine for me.

Also, as mentioned in another thread, the Gallery images are a revelation compared to the old site, especially the 'larger' view which finally does justice to the originals uploaded. Well done guys on this major improvement!

All we need now is for the Gallery upload problem to be fixed; currently images will not upload


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I like the font. Very modern, Microsoft are using it in a lot of their software recently. What font name is it please? As in the Add a Comment heading about this input box?

Too much white. Glare is incredible on this site now. 23" monitor, 1920 x 1080 display, sunglasses required.

The text is displayed across half the screen, with white either side. Stick some adds down the sides or something, but right now I'm off to read somewhere else sorry.


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davidburleson wrote:
thingsthatihaveseen wrote:
Rather like the redesign. Looks light, bright, clean and spacious to me. One question though: have just been trying to post a number of images to a new "your photos" thread, but when I click "add image" nothing happens. I'm pretty sure the photos in question are the right size (1000 pixels max long side, 72dpi), and haven't had this problem before. Any idea what it might be?


The upload issue should be resolved now. We always get a few hiccups during these kind of things.

I'm losing the ends of text lines on my browser (IE Eight) under adverts . Tried to insert screen dump but that didn't get further than browsing and selecting file.

We've added a few more fixes for IE8. Can you refresh and see if it has resolved the problem. If not, please check that IE8 isn't in compatabiliy mode. It often breaks things.

IE8 was at work. I noticed later it was fixed.


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Excellent job...
neat, clean, simple!

White space is good...
a choice of background shade would be much better...
especially for people with eyesight problems.
As would choice of font...
this font is very vertical and thin...
for astigmatism sufferers...
even with corrective spectacles...
tall thin text blurs...

Love the fact that the fixed top bar has stopped the pesky bobbing up and down of the screen...
and resultant time wasted because....
your click didn't click on what you had put it over....
but the advertiser link just above!!!

Love the grey bottom bar...
at least the 16 different shades are now clear and crisp.

Menus are much better, too...
again they are easily read.
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Link Posted 05/11/2014 - 22:37
The Gallery upload problem has been reported so that should hopefully be sorted soon.
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Is anyone else having a problem with the last post in a thread being partially obscured by the page header, and if so has it been reported
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Loving the new site design. So modern, I can almost smell it!

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I'm liking it too! Big plus for me is the forum text will now fit neatly onto my phone screen in landscape mode, where before I had to push the screen left and right to read each line, now I can size the thread text worth one swipe and leave it while I read the whole screen ... Much better!

The gallery is looking good also, a quick flick around shows photos opening much bigger and quality looks improved.

I to would prefer a slightly dimmer white for the background. But good work Team, its fresh and clean looking and a fine improvement.
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bforbes wrote:
Is anyone else having a problem with the last post in a thread being partially obscured by the page header, and if so has it been reported

I've had no problems since moving to using Google Chrome. IE seems to be problematic in various ways. IT should pick up your comment when they review this thread.
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Thanks John, I'm using Chrome, I'll wait and see what transpires.
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Link Posted 06/11/2014 - 09:45
The gallery upload issue is fixed.

We've adjusted the font a bit this morning to make it easier on the eyes.

bforbes wrote:
Is anyone else having a problem with the last post in a thread being partially obscured by the page header, and if so has it been reported

Is there any chance you could upload a screenshot of the problem to this forum so we can see it?
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As requested

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Well I admit it was a shock to visit the site this morning, especially all the white to my poor jet-lagged eyes, but I am getting used to it, and actually quite like the new clean lines. Haven't looked at it on the phone yet though.


Link Posted 06/11/2014 - 11:38
In one word - YUCK

Obviously the "designers" come from the school of:
If it ain't broke - fix it till it is.
There is a clear demonstration of the general lack of HCI knowledge, and of knowledge of the human visual system, and of what the average computer user has as a home setup.
There are still a lot of folk running XP at 1024 x 768 on a 17" monitor - and they are probably in the majority.
Yes, you can have a separate version for cellphones (see above), but who was the misguided individual who chose Verdana as a font?
Tahoma in black on a white or pale cream background is an easy read - this is not!

Still, there is a bright side (no not the mass of white space) - looking at the HTML code, I have now discovered where some of the tracking cookies come from that I have to clean out on a weekly basis.

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Link Posted 06/11/2014 - 12:43
Looks fine to me, at least it's responsive. Although resizing on desktop does slightly disguise that, I had to test it on ipad. "Change" is always a little bit uncomfortable until users have had a chance to use it. Although in this case it makes the site very "samey" regarding ePhotozine, so it's not as distinctive anymore. Which is probably the corporate aim but not sure if it'll work for the users.
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