Jessops fall out with pentax


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johnriley wrote:
I think that has been, over a few posts there, quite a demonstration of negativity and quite a rude way to say hello to anyone.

Ranting at people the moment they walk through the door doesn't seem encouraging to me, or conducive to a proper exchange of ideas.

It must be very difficult to decide over the "noise" what people actually do want that's going to move things forward in a practical and profitable manner.

I'm sorry John but I in no way feel I've been rude at any point in this thread...
I have been forthright and honest in a point of view I feel passionate about; and which I believe is shared by many Pentaxusers...
I am positive about Pentax... If I were not I would have fled to the dark side a while back...

New member PentaxUK appeared to come in an at least semi-official capacity (making false confirmations no less...) but I of course welcome him/her/they... I think it's great that the users of this forum have a bonafide Pentax representative to vent at and gain information of 'actual strategy' from... This should be as important to him/her/them as it is to us, as we are 'the man on the ground' so to speak...

As for being negative and non conductive to the exchange of ideas...
I'll go as far as to say that I'll agree to being cynical and argumentative...
Again... I am and remain positive about Pentax... I am and continue to be invested in Pentax...
But again questions must be asked as there are evident and consistent failures in the marketing of the brand that have had and continue to have a detrimental effect upon the brand as a whole...

I don't want to hurt the feelings or sensibilities of any man, woman or child but I won't be a 'Yes' man for anyone...

P.S @ PentaxUK... I am availible for hire if you feel you need someone to kick your marketing dept into touch... Seriously... I'm only a PM away...
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No-one is accusing anyone of not telling the truth! It could well be, for example, that Pentax are unaware that merchandising in Jessops stores is inadequate. There could be plenty of other reasons too.

This is not negative feedback it is positive feedback. I wanted to try and quite likely buy a Q but I couldn't. Neither could the fellow shopper in the Brighton branch, she bought something else instead. If I worked for Pentax I would want to know this. Companies don't improve by only being told what is going right.
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Smeggypants wrote:
DaveHolmes wrote:
Hi, there seems to have been some confusion here, we are pleased to confirm that the full range of Pentax products are being stocked in a number of Jessops stores nationwide and are available via the Pentax shop via the Jessops website:$s=Pentax

PENTAX Ricoh Imaging UK Ltd.

You are kidding right?!

I'm hoping that you are infact an official Pentax representative and not a troll; and that you actually spend some time on both this forum and the american one reading on what your users actually think... We're a wierd bunch that actually continue to invest in the K-mount system after having bought the camera and kit lens...

We all want to see Pentax compete with the big 2 ... We want adverts on the telly... We want to go out shooting and see other Pentax shooters... Sod it, you can go old-skool for me and put adverts on the side of buses...

We want to go into Jessops... See Pentax products and hear the same excitement from the staff in them as they have for CaNikon systems (this will involve Pentax-Reps actually visiting stores... You know, like in the olden days...)

Sort it out.
Rant done.

Well said Dave !!!!

Although personally I couldn't care less about Jessops, they can go bust for all I care, but I do care about Pentax continuing to flourish. I've been shooting Pentax since the mid 1980s and I have no intention of changing brands

Well said smeggy!
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DaveHolmes wrote:
I don't want to hurt the feelings or sensibilities of any man, woman or child but I won't be a 'Yes' man for anyone...

I think it was the...

DaveHolmes wrote:
You are kidding right?!

If PentaxUK is genuinely speaking for Pentax, then her first post is clearly intended to be helpful.

However, without an introduction, it's hard to know much, other than to speculate that perhaps she isn't all that used to forums.

In which case, the meaning of "You are kidding right?!" isn't all that obvious, and could easily be construed other than how you meant it.

I agree that the rest of your post is perfectly reasonable, except that people not used to forums will also not be used to the term 'troll', so might take that in a way not intended too.

However, we should be cultivating actual Pentax people, not haranguing them, at least until they've come to realise that certain people can be a little blunt occasionally, yet mean only well by it.
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helios wrote:
johnriley wrote:
This link takes us to the Pentax page:

Welcome aboard, Pentax UK!

I think we should all be pleased that Pentax UK has joined the forum. It looks as if Pentax UK is interested in what its customers are thinking. I hope we can have a constructive dialogue - not just moans.

I join John in welcoming Pentax UK aboard.

I agree,
let's hope 'Pentax uk' listens to us and sends feedback to Pentax/Richo.
We all want to see the brand compete with C/N
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If indeed that post is from a Pentax UK representative I'm sure we're all pleased for Pentax UK to join the forum. Let us hope that they use the opportunity to carry forward the views from the main Pentax Users forum in the UK to the company's Senior Management and use the opportunity to hint at their marketing direction.

They are welcome to tell us their 'propaganda' and I feel sure they'll be interested to hear our views on it. Pentax have had a presence (I think!) in the UK for a very long time and this appears to be the first time they have made contact with a dedicated internet user group. Let's hope it goes from strength to strength.

I suspect the original suspicion that the first post could have been evidence of trolls at work was because obvious trolls had been posting on the site not long earlier.

I will make it clear though that the tie in with Jessops, while welcome, has not filtered through to the smaller stores nationwide where in fact Jessops tend to have a higher photo retailer presence than in the larger cities. Our local store seems to have nothing Pentax in it at all. In fact it isn't really much more than one of those 'photo quick' type of shops. Unfortunately, rather than set up in competition to the original local photo retailers, Jessops often chose to buy them out instead. So presently it tends to be Jessops or nothing. And Jessops seems to stock very little itself now! I'm sure they put more effort into the city branches but they forget the rest.

To 'Pentax UK', suggest you visit some provincial stores such as ours and see what happens when you ask for a Pentax product. Ours is a major holiday destination and just the sort of place potential new users may just decide they need a new camera for their holiday. It won't be a Pentax in Scarborough.

John K
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johnriley wrote:
If you think the statement is faulty, rather than accusing people of not telling the truth why not point out the discrepancy so that it can be looked into? Hurling insults does not reflect well on anyone.

Let's stop the responses in this thread being so OTT please, it's not the way to communicate in a civil manner.

Firstly I did point out politely yesterday that the statement was faulty, shortly after the Pentax rep posted. She hasn't been back since yesterday to add to what she said and nothing anyone else has said agrees with her either.

At no point have I been rude or OTT or 'hurled any insults'. I think you are overreacting here. I can't see that anyone else has been rude either.

If a Pentax rep or anyone else purporting to represent Jessops or Pentax for that matter comes on here making statements like that then they should expect to be corrected. Pointing out that the statement is 'untrue' is hardly insulting.

Is "the full range of Pentax products........available via the Pentax shop via the Jessops website" - no it's not, not even close and hasn't been for a long time.
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Last year I bought a K7 twin lens kit mail order from Jessops mainly because of the interest free credit arrangement they offered. On a subsequent visit to the Newcastle upon Tyne branch to buy a compact camera the current Pentax models were conspicuous by their absense. Walked out with a nice new Panasonic Lumix. Got RS1000 from a forum member and a RX18 from ASDA special offer Jacobs, on the opposite corner to Jessops don't appear to stock Pentax either so that is two "major" stores not stocking Pentax



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As far as rural Staffordshire is concerned I would challenge "anyone" to sit at my desk and ring around all the photographic shops/oulets in a 30-40mile radius and find a K5 actually in stock, "not we can get one in".

I accept that this may have changed over the last week or so, but I somehow doubt it.

After doing precisely that I bought mine from SRS, but I would have liked to fondle one first.



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PentaxUk = Nicole Littlewood

Nicole Littlewood = consumer lifestyle comms agency Escapade


Nicole Littlewood has been appointed as account director by the agency and will work on the Pentax account.

She joins from Mission, having handled major tech accounts including Nokia, Samsung and Sega.

Welcome Nicole Littlewood, you have a large group of Pentax users all in one place .. it would be wise to use us
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I think we should distinguish between "Hoya Pentax" and "Richo Pentax".

This is essentially a new company and the sheer fact that they have come onto the forum should be seen as a good thing. My impression is that they are making a lot more effort in a lot of ways.
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They haven't come into the forum .. a member of the (outsourced) media agency has come onto the forum.

As to whether she stays is another matter.
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Nicole's appointment was reported in PR Weekly in October 2010 a-la Mike's link.

Welcome Nicole & perhaps you could let us know in what capacity you have joined us?

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TBH, I really don't get what this obsession that some people have with Jessops and their policy on whether or not they stock Pentax. The fact is they don't sell it or they sell very little. We all know this so what is the point of whining about it.

Any casual observer might be forgiven for forming the view that members here spend their time wandering around Jessops shops just to upset themselves because their favourite brand isn't in the window.

Personally I couldn't care less whether they stock Pentax or not, I know who does.
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gartmore wrote:

Personally I couldn't care less whether they stock Pentax or not, I know who does.

Nor do I now, as I've bought the last camera (barring accidents) I'll ever need. As regards accessories a lens is a lens etc., and it's all down to price, but it was nice to be able to try a camera for size, (in Curry's - PC World), in my case first choice was a Kr which felt lost in my hands and therefore would have been a mistake to buy, unseen, mail order.

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