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I came across this I re edited it a bit as there where some words that weren’t for the forum to here we go.

1. Shoot!
If we want to take better photos we have to shoot! Everything in this life is achieved with hard work, which becomes an experience. No matter how you read, watch and learn things related to photography will not have any benefit from it if you do not shoot. Shooting will bring the necessary routine to use your camera and gradually over time you will stop thinking about your camera and start thinking about the photos you want to do, but until then Shoot!
2. Read, Watch and Learn Things that Inspire You!
There are a hundreds of thousands websites where you can find the information you need. If you want to take better photos, You Must Read! Many people say: “I just want to photograph my children!” – Your children deserve nice pictures! Others say: “These beautiful pictures must be taken by professional photographers!” – No, the professional photographers can make money with their photos, but this doesn’t mean that they shoot better than you! –They just know things that you must learn!
Read, Watch and Learn From The Others! – They have already done it before so that they can shoot better!
3. Be Critical! Learn From Your Mistakes!
Don’t be conceited after you made a good shot! – The Criticism is the thing that will help you to make your next shot better! Don’t get discouraged when you make a bad picture! – Find your mistake and fix it!
4. Show Your Photos!
Sharing photos is the fastest and easiest way to get conceited or to give up! Sharing photos is the best way to go forward, but you have to forget about your egoism. There will always be someone to tell you: “This picture is a crap! You can’t shoot! – try to find some other things to do! “- Just Smile and leave them to live with the illusion that they are great photographers.
5. Listen to FeedBack!
The idea of showing your photos in public places is to get FeedBack! You have to forget your ego! Not all comments are constructive and are aimed to help you. There are thousands of people who are waiting to exalt theirs egoism. Comments like this: “Very good! Well Done! Super! Cool! “Etc. is worse for you, because they are focused on your ego not on your photos. Very few people can write good comments like: “I like this because ….. It is not well composed because ….” Evaluation of feedback is a difficult thing, especially if comments are not coincides with your opinion and then your ego will immediately delete it. Comments should help you make your future pictures better, not your ego bigger!

6. Find Your Inspiration!
Everyone needs a muse, especially in photography. How to find inspiration? You already have it! The only thing you need is to make it even bigger. Many people find inspiration from nature and from the things that surround them. You should want it, search it and be sure that you will find it! Look for nice pictures over internet. This is a good way to find your inspiration. Save your photos on your computer and before you go to shoot just take a minute to view them. Find exactly what inspires you. Go to the photographic exhibitions and events. At least once a month go to a big photographic shop – just to see and feel the photographic atmosphere. Talk about photography. Print your best pictures on paper and those that you like! Make your home place, where to put your best photos. Shoot!
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I tried to read this but I can't stand exclamation-mark abuse.
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lol theres the first
my web site http://www.swilsonphotography.foliopic.com/
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Thanks for sharing this Shaun, some good advice there
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