Glasgow meet 9th April 2011


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greynolds999 wrote:
Gwyn wrote:
Although I am bringing my other half with me he refuses to act a Sherpa so I may have to leave something behind.

Hmm. Bring your husband or your Bigma. The choice is clear!

Seriously, are there any opertunities to use a long lens where we are meeting?
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You need Ken to answer that one .

I'll probably have the 35mm on most of the time - may bring the 18-250 , but at present I'm concentrating on the 35 so I can get used to it
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The Bigma is coming with me, it may well stay in the boot of the car but it is coming for a ride, anyway there are a couple of RSPB reserves nearby which may be worth a visit, link and link I'll have to see how the weather fairs.

Anyway you need a 500mm lens when shooting smelly cows especially if your downwind of them

Well the bags are packed, I'm ready to go, the taxis waiting he's blowing his horn.....well maybe not the latter, but I am ready for the off tomorrow
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Well I am not yet ready, but will be soon. Have to take the dog to the kennels, and do some packing still, but then we will be heading for Ijmuiden to get the ferry.

See you all on Saturday!


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Looking forward to that Gwyn

See you soon
let the education continue

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I wonder if Gwyn is travelling Commodore Class where you get free internet (or in standard class by the engine room?)
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Or is she hidden under a tarpaulin


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She could just be paddling behind. (Assuming that camera around her neck is waterproof!)
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Inflated dry bag should see her ok


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Guys - do you wish to survive the Glasgow Meet ?

let the education continue

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Just the odds of walking around the South Side and coming out alive puts our odds at 50/50!
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I could use Gareth as a human shield, that puts my odds at 75/25 in favour


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Sorry guys/girls/ladies/gents and friends. I will be unable to attend. Spend half the afternoon in Hospital to get injection in my back as it is playing up badly at the moment.

I would have loved to come and spend some time in Scotland but it was not to be.

greynolds999: again thank you for the offer of a lift. As I explained in an earlier PM I was unable to change the appointment and I needed the injections or I would be unable to walk at all.

tt: was really looking forward to finally meeting you. I hope there will be another time when I be better

All the rest that are going, it would have been nice to put some faces to the names in here but it shall not happen this time round for me.

I hope that there will be some pictures floating about so I can get real jealous.

I sincerely hope you all have a great time and that I will be able to attend one that maybe is a bit closer to the south (I still be in two mind of speaking to Tyr, to see if we could set up a small meet in Plymouth as I wanted always to visit the Gin Distillery there and its good for photography as well).

I am now stuck in house for the weekend till I get the visit from my Doctor on Monday. He has to asses me again as I started to loose balance and I am advised strongly to stay home till then.
My wife took holiday so she WILL make sure I do as I am told.

Have fun all and sorry for that.
Kind regards

It's nice to be nice!

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These things happen - health does have to come before fun - and it would have been a heck of a long trip for you

I'm sure there will be some piccies - but sadly not of those gorgeous Goths from Whitby .

Just take it easy for the weekend - make sure you obey the Boss
let the education continue

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