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Link Posted 09/02/2020 - 12:31
K10D wrote:
Ciara has been kind enough to provide a brand new pool at the rear of the garden that's deep enough for ducks to paddle. Nearly big enough for an RC float plane to use. Some serious amount of water fell yesterday and over last night. It's still raining......

Same here, both sides of a main road are flooded, preventing anyone from leaving this area of probably 400 houses (or more). My back garden has also developed a nice little pond due to the run off from a pub car park!


Link Posted 09/02/2020 - 13:06
Doesn't take much rain for us to get a duck pond in the garden on our heavy clay. No rain of note yet, that's still on it's way, but currently 10Bft winds.
No I am not going out to photograph the sea, wimp that I am.


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Meanwhile the Dutch headwind cycling challenge is going on.


Link Posted 09/02/2020 - 14:55
We now have horizontal rain, and I'm supposed to be going out in it
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I'd stay put I if I were you Barrie. Wind and rain and flooding all over the shop from what I am reading.
Chucking it down now here, still force 10. White horses on the canal over the road from us too, the water is slopping over the sides.


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I have a reprieve until 5.00, when I have to pick the daughter up from work. The Hospital is on top of a hill, so flooding should not be a problem, and I've not heard of it blowing away
Too Old To Die Young


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The dog doesn't like it outside today.

And the shed is still standing - pity.



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Days like this make glad we no longer have a dog. Sorry about the shed.

Our house is still standing too. Just. Now up to an 11 out there, could end up with a house in the town centre yet.

Hope you rescued your daughter safely Barrie.


Link Posted 10/02/2020 - 05:30
Funnily, my dogs havenít been negatively affected by the buffeting winds. The only downside is they will intermittently bark in the house when their flap to outside blows open.

Think they even enjoyed their beach walk yesterday...


Link Posted 10/02/2020 - 08:49
Dogs, like little kids and horses often get hyper in windy weather.

It quietened down a bit overnight but back to a force 8 again this morning.
Lost a great chunk of winter flowering heather when a branch took it out, and all the flowers stripped from the mahonia, but otherwise we seem to have survived unscathed.
His Nibs just went out and picked up a big piece of someone's shed roof from the road and put it in the bin. Maybe it is from the shed you are planning to demolish Lubbyman .


Link Posted 10/02/2020 - 10:44
So today I have been giving my tree itís beauty treatment. Itís a white birch and the bark peels away so itís been looking like it had a bad case of after-holiday skin shedding, and peeling off the bark is strangely satisfying. The trouble is now the garden looks like itís covered with waste paper.


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It's still blustery here, the conservatory roof's leaked and, not weather related, we have no downstairs lights!

Still, there's beer in the glass and I'm still breathing
Cheers, HG

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Everything here still roughly "untouched" - except for someone else's attempted "recycling" that was left in a cardboard box outside last Friday morning, which has now "dissipated" and spread cr*p everywhere else around the area. I found a lot of broken polystryrene (which can't be recycled!) sheeting around the front garden this morning
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Link Posted 11/02/2020 - 14:58
Well everything survived the weekend but the wind is now from the west and still a 7-8 and it has taken out a bit of our fence this morning. The neighbours house and their fence make a bit of a wind tunnel when the wind is a westerly.

Son#1 has been helping his boss repair his barn roof and cut up a beautiful old oak that fell on Sunday.

I nearly got blown over today walking from the car to the dentists when a huge gust caught me. A couple of kids on their bikes nearly fell as well, and decided to walk after that.
More to come at the weekend I hear .


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We used to have the wind tunnel effect when the wind was from the West as it funnelled down the 15ft gap between our house and the one next door - but since we both built side-extensions to almost completely block that gap, then the rear gardens are pretty well protected, and make nice "sun traps" (when there's any Sun!)
K-3 II, K-3 and a K-70 from SRS (having now relegated the K-30 /"K-50" to a backup body) , & some Sigma and Pentax lenses (and a lot of old 35mm gear!)
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