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Pentax 18-250 and Tamron 18-250 lenses
Posted in Pentax Digital SLRs
Hi I want t buy an all in one lens for when I don't want to lug a huge camera bag around. I have seen that there is a Tamron 18-250 lens on the market and also a recently released Pentax lens covering the same range. Are these both the same lens? And are there any other alternatives you would consider? I have recently looked at getting the Tamron lens but I read a less favouable review and started to look for an alternative. I compared it with the Sigma 18 to 200 and decided I preferred the smoother operation of the Sigma lens (Tamron was slow and noisy to focus). I decided that the extra 50mm was not important. I have to say, I am very pleased with the Sigma lens, it is quiet, smooth and handles very well for me.
K10D wireless flash mode
Posted in Flash Photography
Since updating the firmware to add this feature I have realised that the manual has not been updated to include a description of its functionality. I have read the the Sigma DG-530 Super is compatable with the wireless flash mode, however, what does this mean in practice? From one point I though that setting the flash mode to wireless would turn off the pre flash, however, this is not the case (based on my tests). Does this mean that if I was to use the 530 Super, I can use it as a full pTTL slave in conjunction with the pop-up flash? I.e. both light the picture? I am thinking of getting the 530 Super but would like to better understand what it will give me. I already own the Pentax eXtra flash and have successfully got that to work. :?:
Pentax Xtra Flash
Posted in Flash Photography
This has all given rise to another item now on my K10D wish list - to be able to switch pre-flash off on the built-in, which would then be usable for triggering things - from the Xtra flash at one end of the spectrum, to Studio units at the other.I too have been playing with one of these and found a work around for turning off the pre-flash: use an old lens! Set the camera to manual and the apiture ring on the old lens to something other than 'A' and there you have it (make sure the setting in the menu to allow this is right)! You will need to experiment with flash to subject distance and apiture setting to get the right exposure but it works. :shock: