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Hi all, is it possible to make suggestions to Pentax for improvements that you would like to see on the next revision of a camera?
And what would you like to see improved? I for one would like the AF to be even faster and more accurate and the ability to use flash above a shutter speed of 180th.
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Lenses, larger range zooms, 400mm prime.
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I quite fancy a 400mm prime too, although a tip-top DA* 1.5x teleconverter would be rather cool as well I think. I know that there is also a legendary Pentax 200mm macro lens... I wonder whether that could be re-incarnated as a new weather sealed lens?
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More sensibly priced primes. How about a DA 135mm f3.5 or 200mm f4 at around the 150-200 mark and with similar quality to the DA 35mm f2.4?

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How about properly QCing all new camera models?


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Cayman wrote:
How about properly QCing all new camera models?

Yes that would be the first request.

And call me greedy, but I'd like even more High ISO performance.
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new options for multi media shooters... like bluetooth.... build bluetooth into the camera, and then release a bluetooth wireless flash module to control off camera flashes, a bluetooth wireless mic or recorder for audio, and bluetooth connectivity for ipad/iphone/smartphone/laptop connectivity that works as a remote for the camera... combined with apps that allow wireless tethering...
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Where should I start?

Faster AF, Better AF in low light, Tethering, Lens range expanded to up to 600mm (zoom and/or prime, maybe lightweight as well(DA-L?)), Flash Sync speed of 1/250, GPS, Weather sealed Flash, FF Sensor, Dual Memory Card slot and Bluetooth.

I guess that's enough for starters: lol:
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Actually too much. A major manufacturer simply isn't going to add this much to the next revision of their product, for 2 (related) reasons:

- You buy that camera and you're set for life, or a while at least
     Profit to Hoya/Pentax equals 1 * % profit per camera
- They give you a few of these in the next revision and a few more in the next, etc
     Profit to Hoya/Pentax = X * % profit per camera (which itself is probably increasing with reduced manufacturing costs - assuming they get it Right-First-Time )

Product Marketing is about just how little needs to be added for model differentiation to keep you regularly upgrading. There's a systemic reason that you see statements here like: "K-7 doesn't seem to offer enough improvements over my K20D" etc.

This is particularly true when much of the product is software/firmware. There is a business model whereby they could have put double or triple the firmware space in say a K20D - or a K5 - and charge for upgrades. But the distribution channel needs to be very different of course. Amazon could probably handle it and make a profit, but not your bricks-and-mortar camera shop...


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So that's why so many good products and operating systems etc. get replaced by rubbish! and a few icons resembling Matel Toys!

I wish we could get back to the days when manufacturers simply turned out the best they could like Dyson did with the vacuum cleaner

I think Dyson need to move into management training and sweep away all the nonsense currently being taught.
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cardiff_gareth wrote:
I'd be happier with faster AF,.......

I've been saying that since 1981 when the MEF came out
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Could you please sort out your service departments in respective countries. Still waiting to hear about my 16-50 SDM.

Believe it or not, there's a lot of photographers out here that need support and you, Pentax, are not offering that at the right level.

22nd Jan to date and no response from Pentax Japan or the Australian main agent?

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A firmware update that gives the ability to manually enter a multiplier to SR regardless of the lens in use, for use with TC's 1.4x, 1.5x, and 1.7x, faster AF, dedicated SDM rear converter 1.4x, longer lenses up to 600mm, better high ISO noise reduction, K10/K20D body size/ergonomics........ the list goes on........

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Good idea for a thread, could do with having this 'stuck' permanently on the site somewhere, so that people could add to it as the need arose.

My main suggestion would be to make the whole range from here on in, water/ weather resistant to allow operation in typical UK weather. DSLR bodies, lenses, flash, leads, connections, adaptors -the lot. Imagine the marketing advantage to be gained from being the most 'weather resistant' camera range in the world. Talk about 'added value'. Very cheap to add in this capability at manufacture, could make extra profit out of it as long as they don't get too greedy and try and charge 'pro' prices.


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As others have commented longer lens albeit prime or zoom, sensibly priced and sized, so f/4 would be ideal.

Now just a niggly one, include the AA adapter as standard with the K-r and make all cameras with this function
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