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Hi All

Following Mag07's excellent recent posts re her investigations with Interval Composite Mode, I thought I'd share these... they were taken on a one day course I did with Valda Bailey/Doug Chinnery earlier this year, which concentrated on a similar area (Tate Modern/Millenium Bridge/St Paul's)...

Usual hand held, manually operated in camera multiple exposures (as opposed to Mag's excellent interval composites), mostly bright blend, but I spent the day experimenting with combining more exposures than I usually would... whilst some of these are 3ish exposures, quite a few others are a combination of up to 20 or so... all K3II, 17-70 and 55-300... bits of ICM, defocusing etc chucked in too...













All thoughts, observations etc. gratefully received as ever...




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4, 11 &6 for me, love 'em!

Got any more?

The more I look, the more there is to see!


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A wonderful set of images; really eerie effect on the people in 5 & 8!


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4, 5, 7 & 12 for me. These are all very interesting, certainly 'next-level' stuff. Kindly inspiring!

No5 looks particularly commercially viable (if thats not an insult).

Out of interest, how much post on average did these require?

Pentax pour des images riches en détails!


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Rather impressive set, well done. All quite unique and such a different style.

Best regards
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Give JMW Turner a dslr &11 is what you get.....?

The more I look, the more there is to see!


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Very impressed with these. They would make fabulous wall art for offices or uber modern homes
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Not done anything with Valda but Doug is ace....Check out Charlotte Gilliatt's work.

I enjoy your images, very different indeed.
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I enjoyed these. Thank you.
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What a fabulous set, and agree wholeheartedly with tigershoot, No 12 i adore, it has it's own little presence and reminds me of Christmas for some reason!
Kind regards Maria


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Please, it's not a criticism because I'm sure that a lot of effort, planning etc. have gone into these images - I just don't get it! Sorry.
Lots of gear - but not a lot of idea!


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malfis wrote:
Please, it's not a criticism because I'm sure that a lot of effort, planning etc. have gone into these images - I just don't get it! Sorry.

Neither do I. I sometimes get odd results like these by mistake and instantly hit the delete button! For instance #11 looks to me like something taken when the shutter release gets pressed inadvertently while walking along. I'm sure clever images that I'd like can be obtained by combining several exposures but reckon they'd take a lot of planning. But that's my take on it, if others find them interesting who am I criticize them?
I suppose it's really more art than photography.
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This is most definitely veering more towards art than photography and I don't think it matters whether we all 'get it' or not. The same is true of what most of us would classify as fine art, it goes from one extreme to the other, i.e. classical landscapes to cubism. Personally I much prefer most of Bills other work to these, not because I don't appreciate the skill, artistry and effort that has gone into them, but because they aren't to my taste.

Well done Bill for having the vision to take and post these and for stimulating some much needed debate and comment on what is a very different phtographic style to what we're used to seeing on here.

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I'll second that David . Certainly the result is more like painting than traditional photography ..... but it cannot be painting, because they are not done with brushes and paints onto a canvas .... so it must be photography, because they are made by and with a camera (and can there be ANY other definition of photography other than that one ? ... )

I think we've seen the opinion here before that to be a photo, a photo has to 'look like a photo' .... but I've never accepted that. If a painter painted something that looked like a photo, we wouldn't agree that it was a photo ....

I also don't really like this particular style as much as the other ICM work I've seen from Bill .... the figures on the bridge are indeed eerie, and I find 3, 10 & 11 to be 'artistically' pleasing, both for their mixture of colour tones and soft textures. .Some of the others do look like he'd forgotten to switch on SR
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I particularly like 9, 11 & 12. There is a bit of a trend for more experimental techniques involving deliberate movement, but when you think about it that's not much different to panning, time lapse (I.e. Light trails from night traffic) zoom shots, soft focus, use of bokeh and the whole gamut of techniques available. Let's not confuse matters by trying to categorise this as 'art' as opposed to photography otherwise we fall into to the endless and ultimately pointless discussion of 'what is art'. Anyhow well done on these, it's great to see experimentation and sometimes it really comes off!!

And McGregNi, don't you ever sleep?!
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