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Posted 09/10/2016 - 08:23 Link
The shoot went well. I used my AF540 flash for many of the shots - most of which were indoors with lots of natural light also coming through the windows around two sides of the room. I have found the the K3ii exposure is far more accurate than the K-5 - certainly on my earlier cameras, i.e. the K20 and K5 I always had to add +0.3, whereas on the K3 it's either 0.0 or even -0.3. I forgot to switch on the highlight protection, so I was getting a few blown highlights - hence having to knock it down to -0.3

Half the shots were on the DA35mm which I find is a stunner of a lens for weddings and shots like these. It's so sharp it's brutal and the focus is 100% accurate. For wider shots I went onto the DA16-85.

I do find the shutter button does not quite have the same feel as earlier cameras - it's just not stiff enough. I will get used to it though. The shutter on the K3ii is actually incredibly quiet which is nice.

One thing I need to ask. When on P-TTL is it normal for there to seemingly be a slight delay when I press the shutter button? I have never noticed it before on my K-5.
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