St Paul's - Multiple Exposures


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Doing night shifts . Bedtime now.
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Fantastic. Just love them The birches are quite intriguing, and I am yet to have a shot of them that I would like. You just made it even less likely I'll ever like any of mine haha. No 6, looks liquid; you can almost 'sense' it's movement. No 8, the people are immaculate; it has a very 'parisian fashion' feel to it and I love the color scheme. And the last one - great balance between blur and definition imo.

I'd totally print a couple!

Now I'm itching to go out and experiment some more; begone work!

Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks all for thoughts and comments re these...

Malcolm and John: absolutely no problem... thanks for taking the time and the trouble to consider them, and for saying what you see... the multiple-exposure thing is definitely "marmitey" at the best of times, and not to everyone's taste...

David and Nigel: thanks also for your thoughts and observations... very useful as ever... tend to agree that these tend towards the "artier" (or "paint-ier"?) end of the photography spectrum, but as you say, the photography spectrum nevertheless... they were, after all, taken/made with a camera... I tend to do as much "in camera" with these as I possibly can... not because I think that's necessarily the best way to do it, I just find it tends to suit me better... I like the challenge of it, and tend to prefer the spontaneity of it... there are plenty of others who do a similar thing but do it almost entirely in post (eg check out AndrewSGray, who's work I think is fantastic)...

Roger, Andy, Gary, Gavin, Peter, David, Maria, Rob, Magdalena: thanks vmuch for thoughts and favourites, and for detailed comments... you've spotted a number of details, textures, feelings and associations that I hadn't noticed, so much appreciated... Roger, I do have some more of these... have been out in the Yorkshire Dales for the last couple of months, so will post when I have a moment over the next few weeks... Peter, thanks for Charlotte Gilliatt... I came across her work last year when On Landscape did a feature on the (excellent) Mistresses of Light exhibition at the Oxo Gallery... just had a look at her website, much to enjoy, so thanks for that...

Sean: good to hear from you... thanks for kind words and observations... funnily enough, I had a similar thought re no. 5 (not an insult at all)... one of those shots you get quite excited about (Doug Chinnery refers to the "tingle") when you see it... re post, Doug and Valda are very much of the opinion that pretty much anything goes with these kind of shots, and I tend to agree... Having said that, I tend to pretty much exclusively use Lightroom... mostly because I'm just not a computer wizz and simply don't get on with Photoshop... as with standard landscape shots, I tend not to add anything, just work with what's there (I wouldn't add a tinted layer for instance)... but I do tend to look a bit harder to see what might be there with these... specifically in terms of colour information... I do look at the individual colour sliders, and saturate/desaturate specific channels depending on each image and what I'm trying to achieve... also look at Clarity... and occasionally white balance... but I'm looking to spend no more than 2 minutes on developing any given shot... most of the above, for instance, are pretty much straight out of the box (with a tad of saturation/desaturation, clarity, contrast etc.)... I played with the white balance on 6 and 11, but that's pretty much it...

Hope that helps, thanks again...


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