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johnriley wrote:

However, what I don't quite get is why bother to say you're not interested...

To be honest, I found your response to bretbysteve to be quite patronising.



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To be honest, I found your response to bretbysteve to be quite patronising.

Thank you for explaining.
Best regards, John


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Let's have a look at this shopping list:

SMC Pentax-FA 31mmm f1.8 Limited £1069
SMC Pentax-FA 43mm f1.9 Limited £689
SMC Pentax-FA 77mm f1.8 Limited £779
SMC Pentax-DA* 60-250mm f4 £1095
SMC Pentax-DA* 300mm f4 £925

Total (SRS New 02/07/11) £4557

S/H price for well looked after kit 50% of original, though higher I suspect.

I am very pleased for you John, that you have a couple of thousand spare to lavish upon your hobby in one go.

You posed the question, "Are you not at all curious about these things?Ē Well if your readers do not have a spare several hundred pounds sloshing around their bank account, I suspect not.

Please remember that there are members here who function photographically at different levels.

There are uber-enthusiasts who enjoy the fine nuances and exceptional IQ of exotic primes and top range zooms, who might even make some level of income from their hobby and can justify to themselves spending large amounts.

Then there are others who will enjoy picture taking for their own consumption and whose kit bag might be more affordable, centred around maybe a couple of zooms to give versatility and decent image quality.

You seem to fit into the former and would do well not to alienate the latter.

To avoid this alienation, I would start by avoiding replies like your last one.

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I don't have the funds for those lenses, but I always enjoy seeing the results of their use. Good luck to anyone who can get hold of them.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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Doubt very much John paid that much for a second hand job lot, probably well under the second hand value per lens. If you can get the lenses for a good price you can buy them, use them, and sell them on at a profit so they're a sound investment and so much more enjoyable than shares or even art investments imo! And just because I can't afford something doesn't stop me being interested in it, especially when it's something rather special like an FA ltd.

And John is usually an advocate of the cheaper stuff like the 18-55 and 35f2.4 so it'll be extra interesting what he makes of the top end stuff! Does the extra £££ make a difference?
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I can see that there are various possible reactions to buying some lenses.

I think we should just concentrate on the lenses and avoid the speculation about whether or not I or anybody else can afford them.
Best regards, John


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I can't afford a Porche, Ferrari or Masarati but that doesn't stop me watching top gear.

I have the 70mm and really have no wish to pay the extra for a 77mm but I am still interested in others opinions.
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I may look at buying one of these lenses at some point. John is offering a review of these lenses and some useful direct comparisons- surely everyone checks reviews before they buy and John Riley clearly knows his stuff. Where's the problem?


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I find it a bit odd that anyone would take exception to someone being able to purchase a lot of good lenses in one go.

I don't have any Ltd lenses (I could afford a few) but so far I haven't been able to justify the expense (mainly to my wife). I have some very cheap lenses that I think perform very well. I am still very interested in how these expensive lenses perform though, especially when compared to cheaper options.

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As with the other posts, I am unable to afford high end or even, very many items at a lower price, ( being retired). But that does not stop me reading what others have in equipment, and the results that is obtained from it.
So to anyone that has high end or copious amounts of equipment, please donít stop, posting and showing the results from this equipment, because that gives me, and I am sure many others, enjoyment in its self.

My equipment K10D, with the two kit lens, plus a Sigma 10-20.
Plus my Spotmatic II, with 50mm & 35mm prime lens, which I purchased in 1974, (still works well).

Take care.

Chris R.
Chris R.

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Very nice collection indeed. I have read in a few places that, for whatever reason, SDM lenses seem to focus faster on the K5 than the same copy of a lens will do on older bodies. Obviously the motor is the same, but maybe the AF is achieving lock quicker or something?


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I spent all today using the 60-250mm at Martin Mere and the focus locked on quickly and positively. Out of 250 shots, just two were out of focus.

I'm no expert at flying birds, but one of my first successes came today and I'll post in in the Gallery shortly.

Although I've still got to decide whether or not i can afford to keep this lens, and have yet to compare it to the 300mm f4, it proved to be a very effective tool.
Best regards, John


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Looking forward to your other reviews and especially the FA77, just to see the comparison.
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pgweber wrote:
You seem to fit into the former and would do well not to alienate the latter.

To avoid this alienation, I would start by avoiding replies like your last one.

Why do you then perpetuate this by listing your kit as well? John's post only triggered jealousy on my front, and I can't fathom why bretbysteve, unlocker and yourself have taken issue with it.
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Congratulations on the lenses John.
I can't afford most of them, though I do own the 60-250.
I am interested in the reviews. Should I ever win the lottery I want to know what lenses to buy .

Should people not post that they have just bought a K-5 just because some on the forum can't afford one? Should Unlocker not tell us about his 250-600, a lens most of us can only dream of?
Be happy for John. Your turn to share such news may yet come.
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