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I find it particularly annoying that if - by random chance - I win a competition, I then spend a good amount of time throughout the week in assessing, commenting, judging all the 36 entries, sometimes struggling not to be boring, rude, grammatically correct, slightly humurous...

I shall suggest for the host of the weekly competition to spend 5 minutes every evening of the week, and writing a short commentary to the entries submitted until that point. Once the week is over, only the sundays' entries will need commenting, and a clear judgment be done on all the photographs. Perhaps this will relieve of the pressure of 'rewarding' un-worthy photographers with a minimal comment to their image.

Not impressed.

Kind regards to all,

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A fair point Nathan.

I am still hoping that incognitox will have a broadband connection soon for the comments on the previous Weekly Competition.

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I must say, that I actually have always done the judging like that:
As soon as people enter, I put down my thoughts about the pic.
Sometimes I add or edit a bit later on, but I do the work through the whole competition period.
Otherways it is quite crazy = quite impossible for me.

But I do not think it is a good idea to post these comments before the competition is over.

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Problems with weekly competitions seem a bit like buses, there are non for weeks on end then they all come together.
This usually happens when someone new or relatively inexperienced happens to win.
If newbies studied the few rules we have before entering they would then be aware of what's expected of them should they win.

Dr. Mhuni

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I have to say that I'm glad I didn't enter this week as if I had I'd probably be feeling much the same as you are Nathan. What is particularly disappointing is that the judge has a track record of entering the weekly. Surely he has observed the effort put in by previous judges week in, week out (well most weeks, that is), to assess the images and offer their reasons for singling out particular photos. Having himself received feedback on numerous images he has previously submitted, one would have expected that he do the same, but no such luck.

And, like Hyram, I am still waiting for an internet connection to be established so that we can receive the comments on last week's! I have to confess that the thought of judging a photography competition on a mobile phone left me baffled.

I agree with David about newbies working out what is expected of them prior to entering - however, I'm not sure that judging responsibilities are mentioned anywhere.



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I agree it's disappointing but apart from offering the advice as above which is the strategy that I adopt I can't see what can be done. I'm sure JR has sent a tactful PM and beyond that there's not a great deal we can do apart from some DIY comments I suppose - which I have to say I'm up for as there are some photographs that deserve mention IMO.


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Dr. Mhuni

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Perhaps it can be pointed out to Promhandicam what the judge's responsibilities are? A third week without comments might risk setting a trend. Though as a veteran of the comp in the Forum days (though recently inactive), I'm sure Promhandicam is well aware of what's expected.



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As always I am impatient for the next topic as I shoot each week.

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mentionning it, my entry of the lady begging on the train, was really one of the hardest photographs I have ever taken, and as much as I don't value it too highly on a technical level, I (in my enormous humility ) find it really interesting!!!!!

Tha'ts how i'd judge it LOL
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O.K. I'll do mine, then... an average shot, slightly gloomy both as regards subject matter and post processing. One of a series taken in the town cemetery which sort of suited the theme but not much.

Certainly didn't deserve to win, on any level, just enjoyed entering. Not sure I will enter again, though, due to the pressure of thinking of a subject, judging it fairly and commenting on everybody's efforts in a constructive, kindly way.

(Actually, I'd have to win to have to do all that and that's pretty unlikely given the quality of work I see every day on this site!)


Best wishes,


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While it's customary and courteous to provide detailed comments, far as I can see there is no 'rule' that you must do so. As Andrew says, the pressure of having to do that might put some people off, although it's nice when people do it and I didn't mind having a go a few weeks back!

That said, Matt chose a very difficult and controversial topic, so it would be interesting to hear a bit more from him.


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Dr. Mhuni wrote:
Perhaps it can be pointed out to Promhandicam what the judge's responsibilities are? . . .

Point away! I will do my best to comment on each of the photos that are submitted for the current competition - my only question is where are those comments posted? If I remember correctly they used to be posted in the competition thread. Do I now post them in the discussion thread or do I post a comment against each individual photo? As far as I can see, the responsibility that I have as a judge is laid out in this thread and is to 'set the new competition in a new thread as soon as possible and then judge the results after the closing time.' Perhaps it would be useful if this could be made a little clearer as per my question above.



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usually the comments to the entries are posted after the competition is finished (00:00 on sunday night) in the main page of the competition.

I would suggest looking at previous competitions for an idea of what should be the judge's responsibility. I can remember this link as one of the largest competitions in recent times! (and great effort on Hyram's behalf!)
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Thanks - I think I know what is expected of me now!


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good luck with the competition judging then!
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