Why use Av instead of P?


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ronniemac has just echoed exactly what I was about to say. Fundamentally (as John? pointed out a while back) you do only have the 3 variables to play with, and the mode options just present access to these in different ways.

What I wanted to say was exactly as above, in that this discussion has reminded me to go and check out the other options. Mainly it looks to be a workflow issue really, in that depending on what type of shots you're going for, you may want to be able to jump between setting quickly etc. The green button obviously gets you the same 'program' values in M, so this can be an equivalent place to start also.

There are many options, and it actually makes me think the mode dial could contain quite a few less if necessary, but I assume some legacy/user preference options get to hang in there. I tend to use Av for most shots, but I do at times 'cheat' by setting the ISO to work automatically between a range I'm comfortable with. So many options really, but the options and ease of use are one of the key things that keep me with the Pentax brand.


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Here Here!

while we're at it, I'll throw in a mention for a mode I love the idea of but can't effectively use most of the time because of the limited ISO range on my K10


What a concept! You get most of the creative control of M with respect to DOF and action freeze/motion blur, but with automatic exposure. I love it for indoor sports where you need to react quickly but want control of your shutter speed and aperture. When I scrape together the cash to upgrade to a K5II (or K-3 if it's THAT good), I'll be using this mode a lot more often.
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And on the K-5 cameras, a couple of your favorite modes and their start-up settings can be saved in User Mode. If you want to return to the last settings used they can also be saved in one of the spare User Modes. So the Mode Dial would not usually need to be rotated away from User.

E.g. As I rarely use Tv (and it is available in P anyway), I have M, Av (both with low ISO at startup) and P (with Auto ISO) saved in the User Modes, leaving two spares. When switched on, a click or two of the rear dial (if necessary) gets to the mode I want to use for that shoot.



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MrB wrote:
CMW wrote:

BTW am I alone in wishing ISO would revert to an operator-set default ISO when the camera's turned off?

Couldn't you do that in User Mode?


It's odd how routine can blind a person to the obvious. You are of course right. I shall start exploiting User Mode, which I've neglected for several years!
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