why oh why pick pentax ?


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Just pick one up, it feels right. It is as simple as that for me. I have owned many cameras but always go back to Pentax. A friend who owns a Canon 500d which I can not hold as I have a full set of fingers said to me "You should have gone Canon, they have more lenses. Look on Ebay." I said "I only plan to buy 70 or 80 lenses when Pentax run out I will go Canon"


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If it looks right, feels right then it is right.
Like looking at a women and the world stands still.


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Bought my first DSLR a couple of years ago, and put in quite a bit of research beforehand. In the end went with a Pentax K-x and have not regretted that decision for a moment.

What swayed me? The biggest factors were:

-Very good reviews and features for the price.
-Compatibility with older lenses which can be affordable second hand.
-Shake reduction in-camera, so working with older lenses.
-Attractiveness of being 'different' to the cameras you see everywhere.

In the end though, I was looking at the Pentax, a Canon and a Nikon. I went to a camera shop and actually held the 3 in my hand. For me, the Pentax just seemed more comfortable and felt 'right' somehow.

I'm sure there are aspects of my camera that can and are bettered. Failures to produce the desired photos is almost always down to my errors though, and not any inherent hardware issue. One day when funds allow I will upgrade, but so long as new models continue to be high quality (I do sometimes read though reviews and user experiences, thinking lustful thoughts over a K-30 or even a K5/K5ii), I can see no reason why I would want to jump ship.
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Mistake, partly, though not one I regret. As a schoolboy in the days of film, I admired the Pentaxes and Nikons of the time, but had only budget for a Praktica (won a holiday cruise with it, so it did the job!). For various reasons my interest in photography was then put on hold for a few decades, until a couple of years ago I found myself looking for a dslr. Looked at Nikon and Pentax, naturally ... and plumped for Pentax on the back of the wonderful reviews of the K5. Put my order in just as the sensor stain was spreading, so waited a bit for new, clean stock to arrive from Japan.

I love the camera, but although I'd done my research on the camera , I hadn't appreciated how far Pentax had fallen from grace. It was a bit of a shock to realize that one of the leading camera brands of the 60s/70s -- and perhaps later -- was no longer in the front rank in terms of size and output. If I'd known, I might have gone for that D7000. It's always slightly worrying to invest a lot of money in the products of a company that is prospering perhaps only very modestly. But for once I'm glad of my ignorance. No regrets.
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Well Jackie my wife bought me the km for a Christmas gift in 2010, I didn’t ask or want a camera for Christmas? And it never entered my head that I wanted one? So I was shocked that she got me one?

But it was the best gift I ever had apart from my children being born it gave me freedom to get out of the house and away from the towns and hustle of the city where now I can go out in the Countryside and see so many beautiful places and i couldnt and would not give that up at all, so now you could say iam an addicted. So a BIG THANKS PENTAX

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When I was younger
so much younger than today,
I would have loved to own a Pentax.
50+ years later I could afford a Pentax so bought a K20D knowing how many quality lenses were being almost thrown away with film cameras as people didn't realise they could be use on DSLRs (unlike Canot).
Also back in 2008 the value for money was much better with Pentax than other names.Value is still better but now that Pentax are "Feeling their feet" with Digital not quite so much.
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i first had a SLR on my 21st a practica super tl2 i later bought a 135 Carl zies for it and then a optermax 400 liked the camera a lot but it was big and bulky then on of my mates was upgrading his camera and offered me his me super and a m 135 been Pentax ever since
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Have used Pentax cameras since the early seventies, when I purchased my first Spotmatic.

It just felt so right, fitted in the hand like no other camera did.

Have had Pentax cameras from Spotmatic,ME Super,MX, Super A,Super Program (Given to me by Mac from Canada, which was much appreciated) SFX, SFXn, Z50, Z1p, istD, K10D and K-5 most of which I still have and use, plus so many lenses Ive lost count, and a lot of Pentax accessories to numerous to list.

I love Pentax cameras because they have never let me down, and are backward compatible which is a bonus if you have lots of old lenses!

Hooray for PENTAX.
Regards John/Jumbo


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Back in the 70s I was using a half-frame Olympus Pen D until my father-in-law gave me his 1967 Spotmatic and a few Takumar lenses which he could no longer manage after smashing up his right arm in a car crash. Over the years I got another Spotmatic body and some more M42 lenses.

Being a late adopter I didn't dip my toe in the digital water until 2006 when I got a Panasonic FZ7. A brilliant little camera it rapidly converted me but soon I wanted to return to an SLR.

Looking round at that time the Pentax K10 appealed on grounds of weather sealing, on camera anti-shake and ease of using old Pentax lenses. Handling is always important to me and visiting my dealer I quickly ruled out the Canon offerings. Some Nikons felt right but lacked the features already mentioned.

So the K10 it was which has done me well and continues to do so, though I fancy getting a K-5 II in the new year.


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I also came via the Chinon route...my Dad already had a Chinon and I was looking at a Pentax P50 or Canon T70, both fantastic looking cameras but already overshadowed by SFX and EOS 650D, neither of which I could afford....

So New Year sales in 1988 I got a CP-7m Chinon and borrowed my Dad's lenses.

Roll on to 1992 I was offered a Z-10, an unwanted prize. That was it, 1994 Z-20, 1996 Z-1p, then Z-1 (S/H from Peter's Photo in Ramsey), MZ-S, *ist D, DL, K10D, K20D and K-5

Diverted 3-times:

G5 compact since *ist D was too expensive at the time - didn't keep that long as the DL was preferred - just could not get on with the viewfinder and screen - otherwise great little camera

looked at D100 but had already been put off Nikon by their F-series ergonomics...

Mamiya 645 for medium format - preferred over P645 due to modular design - still with me

D3 - satisfied lust for full frame - magnificent camera but it's a bit like an Audi - perfectly competent but totally soulless, not at all tempted to replace the Pentax gear with Nikon APS-c for one reason...

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2009, i went to korea, my friend had a pentax k100d at the time, and she let me play with in for the entire time, love the design of the camera, it feels right. but most importantly the green colour comes out of it, it's stunning to me.

2010, been researching for a DSLR myself, found curry's was doing a deal 400 pounds for k-x + 18-55 + 55-300, immediately rush down to the local store, and got myself one! then realize it's the DA 55-300 not the DAL! lucky me! what a bargain!

also, now i realize the k-x uses CMOS, but the K100d was CCD, but oh well, still a lovely camera to use!
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Started with a Zenit-E in the 70s and then a Chinon, next a Pentax LX and at that point there was no turning back Built up a big collection of K series lenses – then a long long long …. very long wait until Pentax finally went digital and re-discovered the Pentax bug with a *istD. I guess there is no cure.


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As a student my Dad had given me a ME, and I'd since built up a small collection of lenses, (& a P30T). So continuing with Pentax seemed logical, when I was finally after a DSLR.
I'd stopped using the Pentaxes when I went digital with a series of compacts, but their limitations almost stopped me doing photography altogether.
When I heard of the K100 it seemed to offer all I wanted from a camera, but the price was higher than I could justify
Eventually I saw one on e-bay for £150 & jumped at it!
It exceeded my expectations getting me back into photography, and expanding my lens collection.
Having joined a local club, I found the controls on members CaNikons very unfriendly in comparison, and only the most expensive models offered any discernible IQ advantage.
When the time came to upgrade I wanted a K5 but the K7 was £200 cheaper and the only real difference IMO was the ISO capability.
I regret that £200 regularly.
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Far to many tele-converters, adapters, project parts & extension tubes etc.



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wow so many with so many storys very good reading thanks every one
Thanks Richard


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The K-r was on PC Pro's A list. They said it was the best value camera on the market at the tiem
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