why oh why pick pentax ?


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Why Pentax.....well here goes,
1. Build quality
2. Glass quality.
3. Made for photography, not to keep accountants happy!
4. Great service.
5. Excellent knowledgeable dealers.
6. I'm not a sheep that follows trends for the sake of it.
7. Genuine quality engineering.
8. value for money.
9. Made for photography, not brand awareness.
10. Heritage.

Pentax are a great photography brand. They know how to make great cameras.

FF .....I can wait......why do I want images that are soft at the edges, dark at the corners and generally not as good at a great APSC unit....If i wanted all that, i would change to Canon or Nikon!!


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From my point of view Pentax have never strayed too far from the philosophy of building cameras and lenses for photographers. Yes, they delve into the popularist world of gimmicky colours and add a few features that many of us may never use, but at the heart of Pentax is great design backed up by some stunning quality glass.

Take the MX (the first one), how much simpler can it get - yet it was built beautifully small and well laid out and had the extra little things that made it stand out (you could operate the shutter without a battery).

The LX, although never taken up in great numbers by professionals, was a true system camera and had a light meter capable of extremely long exposures. It really was professional specification and a joy to use.

The 67 has always spoken for itself, with sheer quality of images from an "upscaled" SLR (how many other top manufacturers used this design?) - and it is still used by some pros today. Whilst the 645 series is still in existence with a pretty high level of backward compatability.

Digital looked as though it could spell the end for Pentax - the MZ-D never actually made it into production and there was a long wait before the DSLR's emerged, but since they have there has been a procession of quality models based again on good design that appears to reflect the photographers needs. Take the very latest DSLR's - the K5II and S - what was probably the single most moaned about feature of Pentax until then? The poor Autofocus! And now we have a class leading AF system in a body that was so well designed that it still holds up more than 2 years after the original model (which I think says quite a lot in this fast moving digital age).

Basically, that's why I chose (and stuck with) Pentax......

....Oh, and did I mention the Glass


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What swayed me was that it is weather proof, which you cannot get with a Canon. My friends Canon 1100D has gone wrong because her shutter release won't work (dunno if water got into it). I am now in the process of saving up for a weather proof lens.
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johnriley wrote:
Ergonomics. Colour quality. Image Quality. Excellence of design. Quality of manufacture. Pleasure in use.

Like what he said... and also a little bit out of the CANIKON ordinary (sorry for swearing). Pentax user from film to digital. Oh and in my experience - reliability.
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