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I live in Portsmouth, but I am not English and sometime I'd like to go out for landscape photography without getting to far.
I absolutely need to go back to Cornwall, but Cornwall is already "far".
What beautiful spots could I find near hampshire, dorset, wilts, berks, surrey and west sussex? Maybe even something a little bit further if it is worth it.
Of course I already know the new forest, corfe castle, durdle door and the jurassic coast in general.


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Beachy Head near Eastbourne it is 70 plus miles from Portsmouth or go in land to the South Downs.
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you could come up into Wiltshire,chalk downs with white horses carved into them, google "white horses in Wiltshire" for locations,Salisbury is only about 40 miles or so from Portsmouth, you have the historic city and Salisbury Plain, if you come up a bit farther there are the standing stones at Avebury. i would say a couple of hours from Portsmouth you would be into the south Cotswolds
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thank you everyone. I heard about cotswolds, it looks very nice.
I have been in Salisbury and Stonehenge (damn, I spelled it right first time), but I've never seen the white horses, although I know what we are talking about..not sure if it is worth to get there just for it.

Beachy head looks all right, but I will not be able to see the sunset from there. South downs could be interesting, I need to do more research about it.

by the way I am looking for places where I can take interesting long exposure shoots.
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Head West. The Jurassic coast of Dorset is a must. Really anywhere from Portland to Lyme Regis is classic concordant coastal scenery. Lots of variety. Then you hit Devonshire...
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just a shame that nowhere on the south coast is possible to see the sunset ...maybe from Portland?
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There are plenty of places to see a sunset and a sunrise too, more so the further from the summer solstice.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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I use suncalc to find good spots,-2.4568,12/2013.06.17/21:31

however sunset is not necessary (too lazy for sunrise), I'd like to find good places for long exposure though (repeating myself sorry )
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For sunrise/sunset (and moon rise and set) times and directions for any given point try The Photographer's Ephemeris. It's available as a free download for pc and as an iPhone app. Invaluable.

Just google it.


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great thank you! Please do not stop with the suggestions, I will evaluate all of them.


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what are you actually trying to achieve with your long exposures?
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well, you know, classical landscape long exposure photos, mostly involving water probably. Not interest in light painting, but I am willing to experiment other ideas (I got my gear, including ND 1024)
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so you just need any stream or river with a decent flow, or a waterfall really.i don,t know Portsmouth but would have thought along that coast there would be somewhere for a seascape. also you do not need the sun in a sunset, imagine being stood in front of a hill the sun goes down behind it but it can stil bathe all the clouds and sky in a lovely red/orange glow which if your on the coast gets reflected in the sea, this makes amazing pictures, let alone being an amazing sight to see.
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you are right, I probably give too much important to the fact that the sun is visible or not.
This evening there was a gorgeous sky in Portsmouth.
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