Which legacy lenses for K1?


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This Nikon simulator demonstrates it correctly. Shows 14mm to 800mm via a slider. It enlarges what would be a crop to full width. You can see that 14mm has great depth and going towards 800mm produces the telephoto flat field of view compression. This is because the width of the distant object is being enlarged at the same time as the perceived distance is being shortened.

I said earlier "Yes distance to subject determines perspective, " it should have been "Yes distance to subject and lens magnification determines perspective," A standard 50mm lens is considered to have no magnification. 100mm = 2X etc.

Tamron also have a simulator which works correctly. You can see the flattened perspective of the long lenses.

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tyronet2000 wrote:
One of the main reasons for not going full frame is the lens question. I was hoping, as the K-1 and K-1ii have been out a little while there might be a list of FF compatible lenses available. I think I read that the DA lenses can be used with a setting on the camera but doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a FF camera.

The "other" Pentax forum has an extensive list of compatible lenses. You may be surprised how many work with negligible vignetting, ie quite a lot of the DA lenses. What are your current lenses ?

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One of the benefits of the K1 sensor is that you can crop in post processing and still retain an excellent image, so if there is a bit of vignetting that can be trimmed. However, an APS-C lens will probably show loss of image quality outside its designated image circle so even if the vignetting is minimal the loss of sharpness and distortion won’t be.


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bforbes wrote:

Have you seen RiceHigh's chart?

No Barrie, haven't seen RiceHigh's chart have seen Pentax PriceHigh for going full frame

To be honest I can't see my photography improving any as I don't get out and about like I used too also eyesight has deteriorated a bit more to the extent I have my microscope connected to a 21" monitor.

Have toyed with getting a (used) K-3ii for experimenting with star shots



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They're never in Merthyr or Brixham these escorts are they!

Personally I feel the Escort was never in the same league as the Sierra
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