What's your latest acquisition?


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HarisF1 wrote:
Pentax A 20mm f/2.8 sold as in good condition.

Unfortunately arrived with fungus patches on two different elements, haze/condensation and also a stiff focus ring that needs regreasing. Oh and the aperture mechanism has tons of play in it so won't fully open the aperture - so that'll need repairing too.

I'm just going to send it back. Definitely not worth the hassle, maybe even at half the price I paid.

Why do people do that? Surely they must appreciate they won't get away with it.
I had a similar experience with an SMC 18mm recently from a supplier who should have known better.

Shame given their scarcity but that 20mm sounds even worse.
(PS it wasn't a foggy day!)
Hopefully a better one will come along in due course.
John K
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Latest 'de-cquisition' is my FA* 85.. It's a bit of a strange one. So much better than the FA77 but also just as big as it is good.

On the buying front, I've been really really good for a while and not bought anything silly!
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Does Fujifilm count as silly
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davidwozhere wrote:
Do tell us more .........

Essentially a tin can with a pin hole on one side and photo paper lining most of the inside. Set it up, leave it for as long as you want. When done, open the can in subdued light, remove the paper and scan. Invert the image. If you leave it for long enough you get a series of arcs which show how the path of the sun changes over the year. On Instagram, #solarcan will bring up some examples. I set mine up on the midwinter solstice, facing south with the cedar tree in the foreground. I'll take it down on the midsummer solstice.
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Asahi Pentax Takumar 35mm f/2.3 with caps and case - Had been listed at £200.00 on Ebay. Today the seller reduced it to £179.99 minus an extra 10% courtesy of 'powpow10' brought the cost down to £162.00 plus £5.50 delivery.

This will complement my just ordered DFA 28-105 for the princely sum of £319.00 quite nicely. Thank you ebay!

Happy new year everyone.
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A Spotmatic SP500 complete with 55mm f.2, ever ready case, flash shoe with rubber eyecup and the original operating manual, all in good nick and working.


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A five pack of 120 film.

Maybe, just maybe I will shoot more film this year.


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Having said goodbye to a K-30 I'd owned for 6 years plus a DA 18-135 I'd had a love/hate relationship with, in November 2018. I purchased a new K-70 from SRS followed by (January 2019) a used DA 18-55 WR which I am enjoying.
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Just purchased a new bag that ACTUALLY FITS my Benro C4570F legs and B5 head! Bought a Tamrac Expedition 9x! It's a bit big

Now to buy something like the medium F-Stop ICU for it so I can have the lower half as a camera bag and space up top for clothing etc.
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A Ricoh Caplio GX100 (with viewfinder), which is almost relevant...

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Yesterday I bought a very lightly used Fujifilm X-T20 and today I wake up to see that the X-T30 has been announced.

Perhaps if I'd waited a little the used (and new) X-T20 prices would have come down a bit more but I knew the X-T30 would be arriving on the scene some time soon and decided to go ahead anyway.

My main Fujifilm camera is now four years newer than my main Pentax camera (K-3). I haven't used it much so far but the AF speed is miles ahead of the K-3 or the X-M1.

I stuck a K 35/3.5 on it this morning and hopefully will have time for a little play on my lunch break.
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A Sigma 100-300DL. I had a 60-300 Sigma and taking it out a few days back found the zoom ring was stuck solid. I assume that the tape used instead of lock rings had extruded all its adhesive which had then set. The old lens was manual focus, not a problem at full extension, and when I found the new one with AF at less than £40 posted, I thought that the repair to the old one would be substantially more, so I went for it.
All works the way you want it to (even the AF).
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Link Posted 28/02/2019 - 19:31
A lovely unmarked Calumet Pro-D Series 7049 tripod ballhead at a third of the price of new from those lovely folk up at Ffordes Photographic.

It's a beast of a thing and I love it!
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A Velbon Angle Adapter 4. One of those things you think really ought to exist, then are surprised when you find that it really does.



Link Posted 01/03/2019 - 20:40
A set of front Hagon progressives for the W.

Best regards
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