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What are your thoughts on some sort of "users map" being available on this website? Such a map would contain graphic information on locations, where PentaxUser members are coming from. I would personally be glad to see one. Not only to find out, which areas of the UK are potentially most Pentax-aware and which are developing, but also to see how many PUs are living in my area. Of course presence on such "users map" would be voluntary


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Good idea I'd say


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Yes it would be great to have such a feature - one was introduced for a canoeing forum I belonged to and was incredibly useful for building up local groups.

There are two difficulties though - firstly someone has to go to quite a lot of trouble to build (and maintain) such a thing on the servers and secondly it is potentially a bit of a thieves charter advertising the location of expensive camera gear! Using approximate locations would get round that of course.


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Would not work, as people do not put their location below their avatar.
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Would certainly help Billy the Burglar!

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Lol there's no need to go to the extent of showing locations down to street address / postcode level.


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walkeja wrote:
Would not work, as people do not put their location below their avatar.

Perhaps "Users Map" feature would encourage folks? It would still be voluntary
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Interesting idea although many people have been asking for a simple "go to last read post" button for years with no luck so I can't see anything coming of it unfortunately.
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As a sort of "side issue", this idea might work slightly better if it was incorporated into some sort of "Flickr map" where, not only do you have the general location (town name should suffice, or in cases where users live in large cities, something along the lines of Glasgow West / Manchester South, etc), but any photos posted here could perhaps use a geo-location metatag so that if any user perhaps fancied photographing a location they'd never previously visited, the image(s) would pinpoint where to go to shoot similar photos.



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Done properly I think that this would be a great idea

It would not be without it's problems though
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How about a search facility that finds things like MX-1 ?
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I used to be on Blipfoto and they have a map, I think it is linked to google - where, if you want to, you can put you location and also tag the location you took a photo from - it was interesting especially as members were across the globe! - would be great if Pentax user could do something similar!
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Another forum I am on has a Google map you can pin your location to.

I hardly ever post photos here, but they are all geo tagged unless they were taken at someones home.


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What about those members living overseas?

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The other forum is US based and I could pin my location on that because it used Google maps.

I don't know how they did it, or if it would be possible on this forum.

Personally I'd be happy if people just filled in their location, even if it is just the county (for the UK) /country (for non UK) they live in.
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