urban sprawl


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Getting closer

The view from our front gate being spoiled.
C&C welcome.


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How awful for you. Development is a Catch 22, the more it spreads the more transport is needed to get about: housing here is dreadfully inefficient with 70% of the land going to car use space but nothing is being done to address that, developers just given carte blanche to gobble up farmland and countryside.


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If it's for housing;
No doubt the type and style of housing, if that is what is planned, will be the awful minimalist land footage with barely a metre of front garden, miles of rear garden fencing for privacy of a few more metres if you are lucky. No where to park, one space per household if again you're lucky. 3 story high or more.....
There is a Newtown near Plymouth, Sherford, and years on from the beginning, as your picture, and it's still going, massive building site. I can't believe people are buying them and feel sorry for those that have.
Just my humble opinion lol. I'll get off my box now....


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Whatever one thinks of housing developments, some of the machinery used to build it is fascinating. And this is a fine picture, contrasting the hard, angular, brightly coloured machine against the soft, gently undulating, subtly shaded distant landscape. I like it (a comment on the picture, not the housing development ).



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Very fine picture both from a lighting and perspective point of view

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It's a great juxtaposition image as you have the rolling distant hills that scream calm and then you have that bright wasp like digger in the foreground just turfing it all up.
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