Sorry guys ☹️


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johnriley wrote:
...... it seems to have run its course and if it's just descending into personalities then it will have to stop.

For the main part this has been an interesting discussion, and I agree it seems to have run it's course now.
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I wish you all the best with Sony.
I made that move and am so pleased I did.
I really have a soft spot for Pentax and may pick up a K-70 at some point as that was a camera I really enjoyed using.
When I purchased a Sony a6000 I was extremely pleased how well my Pentax lenses worked with a adapter in manual mode.
Focus peaking is brilliant and works so well and accurately.
My Pentax SMC 50mm M lenses are a joy to use. Particularly the 50mm 1.7 and 100mm 2.8.
Only yesterday I added a Sony a7 (full frame) to my collection. So I have even more options and focal lengths with my 50mm and 100mm, being no crop factor.
The a7 - used mint condition - was less than 500. We are so lucky nowadays with so many options.
Sadly for me Pentax have been left behind somewhat, but at least I still feel part of the Pentax clan with the brilliant manual lenses, albeit for me on a better camera(s).
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