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I bought my k5 a bout 4 months ago.My problem is that, sky in some photos taken , is layered.Does the sensor have a problem or not?
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You may need to post a photo to show us exactly what you mean.

If you use a polarized filter it can create banding at wide angles.




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I sent a photo to gallery . You can check my portfolio. By the way I do'nt use filter.
thank you for youre attention and help.


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Not sure what's causing it. Are you shooting in raw or jpeg? What processing are you doing to the file and what software is being used? I vaguely remember someone having similar problems that was caused by the software (settings) being used.



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I am shooting in raw and this shot and other shots with this problem are without processing.


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There must be some processing for it to be converted to JPEG.
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File is no longer available but take a look at one of my previous threads here and see if it is the same thing you are seeing in your pictures.
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As in another thread, over-processing of JPEG files can also cause banding.
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I have had the same banding issue a few times when re-sizing images. What software did you use to re-size the image? If you are using Photoshop (or Elements, though I'm not sure if Elements is the same, as I have never used it), then make sure you select Bicubic Sharper when reducing the size of the image.

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When I shoot and see the files in my camera directly,this problem exist.
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If its in camera isnt this usually a memory card problem???
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I do'nt know.Is it possible?
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I had a similar problem within a week or two of getting my k20 d, I sent it back to JP who just reinstalled the firmware, had I known, of course, I could have done that myself.
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I think, I must sent it back too.
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Before you do that why not post a RAW file for members to have a look and and try with different raw converters. I see it it too when I zoom in on the LCD screen sometimes and I have done so with previous different cameras, all of them I think. Once it goes through the raw converter it disappears.
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