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darkskies wrote:
cabstar wrote:
Enjoyed reading the gig discussions and Pentax, for me the issue is no longer the ISO capabilities I shot some great sgig tuff on the k-5 mkii.

Whatís holding back the K-1 now is the shutter speed at 4.4fps itís just not fast enough for gig or pro work. Surely camera processing speed has significantly increased since the mki and why have they not upgraded the sad card slots to UHS-2 spec? SanDisk are releasing 275mbs so cads now in UHS2 format it certainly helped make the D850 into a speed machine and wonder why Pentax didnít do the same.

I tend to agree that they should have upgraded to UHS2.

Having said that, I do have a comment to make on gig photography. Now, I bet you are not surprised about that!

I don't need a better frames/per sec for gigs. In fact, I only am on medium speed, as I'd end up with thousands of photos to process from each gig, which not only is time consuming and unnecessary, but will make the camera less long lived.

I also don't agree regarding ISO, as I think I've made clear before. You may well have taken some good shots at gigs with a K5, but not all gigs are well lit. And a K5 will not manage low lit gigs. In fact, the K-1 does not manage poorly lit gigs. It's possible to get some decent shots, but you have to be lucky. That's no good if you are a pro, or if you are taking the shots for the band.

If the K-1 MkII has significantly better high ISO performance, as that 1 photo comparison indicates, then it's pretty much a no brainer for me. If it also improves AF, and that really is a problem with the K-1 in low light, then that would be awesome!

I shot many many gigs with Pentax from the k100d right through the k-5 mkii and saw fantastic improvements in my work when the k-5 mkii came along. I also noticed significant improvements with faster frame rates, my success with jump shots for example increased in a higher success rate.

However I needed full frame not just for gig photography but other press work and to maintain that higher frame rate I had to jump ship to another system. I miss Pentax very much and had high hopes for the mkii but alas I will have to wait a little longer.

Heres a gallery of work shot almost entirely on K-5 mki and mkii
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I've seen your gig shots before, actually, Gary. They are very good.

I've scanned through quite a few of those, and I can't find any taken above ISO 2000. In other words, you had very good light.

I have no problems with any of the Pentax cameras since the K5 at these sorts of ISO. You know my thoughts on gig photography as you've read the discussion. The gigs I take photos at necessitate using an ISO of 3200 up to 12800. But those taken at over 6400 have a significant reduction in quality.

If I had the light you had on most of those shots, I'd be thinking faster frame rates would be more important too.

Have you got any good examples where you had to shoot at, say, ISO 8000? Occasionally, these come off, but more often the noise is rather high, even on the K-1,
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I never shot higher than iso 2000 on Pentax and even now i prefer to not go above 3200 even on full frame.

Usually the dingy venues with crap lights I would just stick the flash on and balance that. Some of the larger venues when lights were poor I would just wait for the lights to come on.

In a 3 song set of images unless there was lots of stuff going on I tended to not shoot more than 300 frames and choosing my shots carefully particularly at festivals when editing time was very limited I would shoot even less preferring to capture that key moment and knowing I had the frame rate to get it was the most important thing for me.

I donít shoot many gigs nowadays the restrictions are getting worse, PRs donít want to talk to you and most arena shows are now soundboard shoots and whilst I have the gear to handle those I would rather stay at home instead
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Yes, some of the contortions artists/managers expect you to go through just make it not worthwhile.

If you've read the thread, you'll have seen I mentioned the 3 songs no flash rule. I never use flash. I think it's too disturbing for the artist, or could be.

But I understand why you get high quality images if you never shot above ISO 2000. I wish! There's no question about the camera's ability at those sorts of ISO.

The problem with only shooting a smaller number of images is that, if you have crap lighting, the AF is a bit dodgy. And you can't be sure of getting well focused images. That's the reason why I'm very interested in the MkII's supposed increased high ISO performance and AF. In these dingy venues, those are most definitely the most important things.
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Always found the mkii focussing to be spot on in low light. I always followed the rule that unless I was told 3 songs no flash than anything goes and usually in small venues no one really cared. The final image quality was my main concern and editors always wanted bright gig images
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Well, yes, you are right. If no rules are specified, there are no rules. Some photographers take the piss, though. But if you are earning money from the photos, then you should do everything in your power to get the best shots.

I was at a gig tonight. Light was very average. The venue has no rules. There were about 8 photographers, most with flash, all over the bands. Actually, nobody seemed to care. In fact, the bands wanted the exposure.
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Aha. I see what you did there.

Flash all over the bands

Bands wanting exposure.

Very good
No equipment list here but thanks for taking an interest. My Flickr


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I had wondered if the pun was intended
I know what i like, If not always why.


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