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If you can't network the DVD-player you can make an ISO from the DVD/CD and use a virtual drive on your netbook to play it.

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1 hour general sniffing round the forum and internet. 33Mb

Uploaded 1 pic. Browsed interesting threads, read some news, updated virus defs, checked ebay.
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davem wrote:

If I want to load up software such as Kaspersky security can I use my desktop pc as the optical drive for the cd's?

Yes but not elegantly, so why bother.

For Note/Netbooks which don't have an internal optical drive fitted; one method is to buy and external USB DVD drive for handling that problem. Simple yes, but not essential for this small need.

An alternative, and arguably better way IMhO; is that you can do anything now including loading s/w by copying a CD/DVD content to a USB stick, or to such as an SD Card + reader -- and then plug that into your Netbook for direct use.

You can easily make USB sticks, SD cards etc., bootable too for such jobs as reinstalling or recovering the Windows OS. (Vista and beyond natively, or XP with workarounds)

Plus they can be had in bigger capacities than even double-sided DVD (or Blu-Ray), and are fast and erase~rewritable...

Your Acer BIOS would support booting off Flash media, it's seen by the low-level system as just another Hard Disk, like they are in Windows.

Optical media died as a ubiquitous PC data/audio/video format long ago. It just hasn't been buried.

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Samsung N350 10.1" Netbook
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Welcome to the forum giselle. You're answering a very old thread but thanks for the thought.
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I installed Mac OS X 10.6 snow Leopard on my daughter's 200 Advent 4211 (MSI wind clone) and it quadrupled the battery life from when it was running XP. I know that sounds an exaggeration, but it really made a huge difference. It is certainly good enough for a traveling laptop to store pictures on.


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Gwyn wrote:
Use Microsoft Security Essentials - it is great, and works really well on a netbook. Free too.

Suggest Zonealarm Free for the firewall and either AVG Free or Avast for the antivirus - both are probably better that MS Essentials. However, be very careful as to where you download these applications as I think there are "infected" copies around which could let Trojans in
(more info if you need it!)

Gwyn wrote:
If you have Windows 7 on your PC you can easily make a network with the new netbook and just transfer files that way.

To use a DVD drive on another machine (such a desktop/laptop:
1) Set the OS File Explorer (e.g. "Windows Explorer" - not Internet Explorer!) on the desktop/laptop to share its DVD drive, with "Read" capability - or "Read/Write" if you really do know what you are doing on your network!).
2) Make sure the netbook can see and read the drives across the network
3) Put the CD/DVD disk in the drive.
4) Copy the relevant folders/files to the netbook hard disk
5) Run the Set-up file from the netbook hardrive to install the application on the netbook (and that should be "job done"!)

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I threw ZA off my PC because it was a total waste of an increasing amount of space. Plus it fights with Microsoft's own firewall which works extremely well.
I have Avast on my PC but not on my netbook.
In a recent test here in NL the best free anti virus software was Avira AntiVir Personal, followed by Avast and MSE.

MSE works very well, I won't be changing it. The netbook is mainly used for occasional online use whilst travelling (in which case I often don't even use Windows) and for photo storage, again while travelling.
I am not going to start filling it up with other antivirals which tend to expand exponentially once you download them.
I never download mail to it for instance.
Plus why risk downloading an infected antiviral when MSE is safe?

Incidentally in that Dutch test the best paid for anti virus was Eset Smart, and the worst of all, paid for or free was McAfee!


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I scrapped AVG Internet Security only last week - having used it for 5 years or so - and now have just MSE and WinPatrol (plus my Router firewall).

I have a powerful quad core computer with lots of memory, but to my surprise have already noticed a quite significant uplift in performance, due to much better internet/network speeds; presumably AVG was very slow in scanning traffic.
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