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Tim, I would agree with you absolutely.
I got the netbook because it fits in my bag, I carry it around with me, and it is great when I fly as it also fits in my existing camera backpack.
I don't use it for editing at all. I do use it as storage whilst travelling, even though I also have an image tank which works just fine. I do review my photos on it and throw out any obvious missers, but the majority I keep for viewing on a better screen. I also need a computer to download the GPS log daily, that can't go directly onto the image tank.

I also load PDFs with information about where we are going on it which make a great addition to a guidebook.

I use it for internet mostly, and I also use it at home a lot, since my main computer is in the attic and I don't always feel like trekking up all those stairs just to check in on PU .

Of course to just keep in touch with the Net I could have gone down the mobile phone or iPod Touch route too, but I like my stone age phone, and I don't listen to music that much to need the iPod.

We used to lug my husbands full size laptop with us, but the netbook is just great for travelling.


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Anyone had reports of the Toshiba NB305 - it's supposed to be the bees knees. Gwyn - there can't be many makes around with a matt screen?


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Well it was certainly one reason I chose the Samsung over say the ASUS. though it does vary from country to country apparently which sort of screen is fitted with some makes.


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My advent has a matt screen, I got an O2 dongle, 2 a day, took the sim card out the dongle, put it directly in the netbook. Also changed the 160 gig hd for a 500gig approx 50, doubled the memory to 2 gig approx 20 & added a 12v power adaptor 8 from Aldi when they had them.

Mine fits in my camera bag & I mainly use it for back up or very quick agency uploads whilst on the move. I can run Photoshop & Lightroom on it, but the screen lets it down for editing.

I shouldn't get to bogged down with makes, I have trashed mine twice now & had it replaced under DSG Anything Happens cover..... Netbooks are so cheap I couldn't imagine keeping one for longer than a year anyhow...
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thoughton wrote:
It looks like this has been answered already, but basically I find most of them are a little underpowered for serious work. It'll be okay for editing a few photos, but after a while you may get frustrated by the sluggishness. I would rather just take my laptop, or even (whispering so Stefan doesn't hear ) my iPad.

Tim nothing against using the iPad, it's a multimedia device by design so it would probably work very well with JPG at least, don't know about RAW.

I find it only a bit strange you first say that netbooks are a little underpowered for serious work and then you name you rather have a laptop or your iPad.
Do you mean that the iPad is more suited for editing photos than a netbook, care to explain that a little more?
Can the iPad edit RAW files?

To talk a bit more about the iPad, the storage size is limited to 64GB is there anyway you can make that larger, maybe by means of using an USB harddisk?
I've read some reports that say you can't do that unless you hack the device but I don't know what they say is true and if there are maybe other ways?

The reason I ask is that I shoot in RAW and when I'm two weeks away on vacation I'll probably shoot over 64GB on photos, that mean to archive my photos that the iPad shout be able to have more storage and also hopefully a way to back those photos up.
Yes I can really shoot over 64GB, once shot a 8GB card full in a day

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ISO wrote:
Anyone had reports of the Toshiba NB305 - it's supposed to be the bees knees. Gwyn - there can't be many makes around with a matt screen?

I have a Toshiba NB200, a couple of models earlier than the NB305, and it's just fine for its purpose. I wouldn't use it for watching high-def downloads, but then again I have a TV for that. There were early problems with the touchpad, but these seem to have been sorted out with software updates.

The NB200 is perfectly adequate for photo editing with my software, although I don't see the point of doing this in the field. The screen on the NB305 looks better on paper, but the NB200's is more than good enough to my eye, although it's difficult to see in bright sunshine. The NB305 has a slightly faster processor and more hard disc space (250GB vs 160GB), but I've never had an issue with either of these specs.

The 305's battery has more capacity than the 200's and should give you up to 11 hours' use, depending on what you're doing. I bought an additional six-cell battery to give mine more staying power. The standard 1BG of memory seems fine for most applications, but this can be upgraded if necessary.

I use a T-Mobile pay-and-go dongle (as they like to call them nowadays) for occasional internet access out and about. Reception's not bad in north-east Scotland, although O2 is better. You really need to check coverage in the area you're going. Abroad, you're better off with a locally purchased pay-and-go set-up. I have a Yoiga "dongle" and sim card for Spain. The Toshibas have a built-in SD card reader, so dumping photos from your camera is painless.

If I were buying a netbook now, the NB305 would be high my list.



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ISO wrote:
Anyone had reports of the Toshiba NB305 - it's supposed to be the bees knees. Gwyn - there can't be many makes around with a matt screen?

I own one of these netbooks.
The big problem with netbooks/laptops is battery life.
Expensive-yes but the quality remains when the price is forgotten



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Any netbook with a 6 cell battery will last all day. My Samsung lasts 12 hours!


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Gwyn wrote:
Any netbook with a 6 cell battery will last all day. My Samsung lasts 12 hours!

Most netbooks quote 3-4 hrs of use from a charge.


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A bit more on dongles.

Orange have joined with T-mobile and are now "Everything Everywhere", stop laughing at the back. (they may as well have call it "all things to all people".

o2 dongle includes access to a wi-fi clouds where local wifi is available.


Also you get the 12v charger and charge it up as you drive from a to b.
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I use a 3 network dongle. 15.00 per month for 11gig and the speed is great. I have been on 3 since I lived on my narrowboat. Previously I was on t-mobile which sucked.


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Great and really useful so far - thanks

and....what software should be installed?
....what operating system should I aim for there seems to be a whole series now from windows xp through to mini and full versions of windows 7



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You should go for Windows 7 starter or full Windows 7. XP is dead, and too many programs don't like Linux.
I threw off nearly all the programs pre-installed on my netbook. I recommend you do the same, especially any virus program installed - those things take up a lot of valuable computing space.

I use Windows Security Essentials as my virus checker on it, and have Open Office, Firefox and Irfanview on it. I didn't put Photoshop Elements on as I don't plan to do any editing on it. Irfanview allows me to see the photos though.
I also have the driver for my GPS logger on it, and Geo Setter.

I didn't bother with a mail program - I can read my mail on the web and throw out what I don't want, then download the keepers at home onto the main computer.

But what you put on it besides Windows 7 is of course up to you .

I also bought a mouse for mine. I couldn't get on with the touch pad. I went for the Windows Arc which folds and becomes a full size mouse - much better for my arthritic fingers than a mini mouse.
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XP or Win 7 should do.
You won't need any fancy versions.

XP is still supported (just) and will be OK as long as the firewall and antivirus people support it. Not sure if you can still get them though but the XP machines will be cheaper I expect.

As much software as you want.
My list includes,
Irfanview,(and its plugins).
Firefox (you can turn images off if you want)
Chrome (ditto) make slightly better use of smaller screens
Windirstat gives a graphical view of where your disk space went.
Pentax Digital camera Utility,
Silkypix (if you have it).
Recuva (for when you format your memory card/usb disk)

Non-imaging related
Open Office,
VLC media player
Zonealarm (or other firewall of your choice)
Avast (or other antivirus of your choice)
7zip (jpeg are already compressed but this is handy to zip them up together).

I'm sure there will be more suggestions. Most of these are free (apart from Silkypix) I use most on my netbook and laptop with no problems.

Photoshop (Elements). You usually get an old free copy. My laptop came with v4 a few years back. Its still pretty good for most things.
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If you have Windows 7 you don't need an extra firewall .
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