My first kingfisher


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Well not the first time I have seen one but the first time I have managed some photos. After hearing that one was to be spotted by the bridge in the centre of the village I set off as soon as it was light and was rewarded by this chap obligingly sitting nearby. The ISO is eye-wateringly high at 20,000 but the DFA 150-450mm on the K1 performed remarkably well, nailing the focus 8 out of 10 times. The only crop was to chop the sides to make it square.


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Well caught, I do find the K-1 and 150-450mm an excellent combo for low light wildlife photography, the files clean up very very well. I used to see a kingfisher every so often at a local reserve but I haven't been since March, they really are magical birds.
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Superb capture Rob, we're you at 450mm or closer and even at the high ISO, the details very good

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Very well captured: a picture to be really pleased with.

The closest I have come to seeing a kingfisher is a streak of bluey-green as it flew by. Well done on spotting this little fella.

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

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Well done Rob - nice capture, I'm quite envious


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Chrism8 wrote:
Superb capture Rob, we're you at 450mm or closer and even at the high ISO, the details very good

At full stretch of 450mm, f5.6 and 1/500 sec, using the bridge parapet for support. Just before this a goldcrest flew past my head, the little beggar too fast to capture. Thanks for the comments all.
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Good shot and lovely bird. I'm envious - only ever seen them in flight and for no more than a second or two.



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Very nice. Good image and great colours.

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Lucky beggar! I would simply like the chance to look at one never mind get a photo as nice as this.
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Always been my dream to capture one of these. Well done.

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Very nice indeed. As my wife will attest, I have a superb library of photos with the blurred image of the rear end of an animal leaving the frame. I'm very jealous!
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Well he/she was back again this morning in better light when I arrived at around 8.50 and stayed for half an hour so, and I had the luxury of trying different exposure settings. Slightly further away this time so a bit more of a crop but able to use lower ISOs. When the sun came out the feathers changed from blue to turquoise, doubtless due to their irridescence.


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Those last two are beautiful Rob - and on Flickr even better


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LennyBloke wrote:
Those last two are beautiful Rob - and on Flickr even better

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