Monet's Garden #2


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Actually shot in the lane, just outside Monet's garden. Pentax K20D, SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm WR lens.

Best regards, John


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Lovely photo John.
The sky is working for once in the UK and the flower is strong and prominent.
I do find the photo just a slightly to dark and a very slight increase in brightness should make the colours more vibrant I think.
It could also be my monitor that isn't perfect although it's calibrated but that doesn't need to say much.

Just notice that I see the white in the centre of the flower working together with the clouds and of course the complementary colours of the flower and the blue sky.

K10D, K5
DA* 16-50, DA* 50-135, D-FA 100 Macro, DA 40 Ltd, DA 18-55
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Stefan - that was not taken in the UK - it's a French sky
let the education continue

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So duh , it's already late here so I've an excuse
Ah well it just shows how romantic French is, just look at the sky

K10D, K5
DA* 16-50, DA* 50-135, D-FA 100 Macro, DA 40 Ltd, DA 18-55


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A very good example of the 18-55 performance. Sharpness is spot on, and the exposure is very good, imho. Lovely colours.

I would like to know the exposure data, btw. Couldn't find any EXIF.
Best regards

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one to show people who think they need (insert expensive kit lens replacement here) before they can take decent photos. Well done John!
you don't have to be mad to post here

but it does help


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And this is the lens everyone rushes to replace!

Very nice shot. Good rich colours and sharp, too. Unusual and effective flower picture with the sky as a background.
Best wishes,


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Hi John,

Whilst I can't claim to have your 'eye' or technical prowess, having seen your image I can at least console myself with the thought that we have at least one thing in common: an appreciation of the beauty of hollyhocks; especially when set against a blue sky. The one below is from a series taken in our garden this June. The one in the photograph was growing just outside our back door at about head height and was taken on the morning the flowers opened. The lighting is not as flattering as in yours, nor have I framed and isolated the flowers and buds as successfully as you have, but I think I have managed to capture the richness and depth of colour in their petals.

Best wishes,



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Gosh you'd think they were taken by the same person, in the same place, on the same day! 2 nice images, well done both.


Link Posted 19/07/2010 - 22:11
Nice to see someone joining in with an alternative picture!

I do like shooting flower pictures and I can spend a long time "browsing" and shooting in a garden. Monet's was a delight, but then Giverny is a delightful village anyway.
Best regards, John
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