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So, I have a entry level DSLR I got a few years ago, a Canon T3i. It works pretty well, and has not given me any issues at all. I'm a photo major in college, so I'm wanting my upgrade to have professional power in it. I inherited all of my dads photo equipment a few years ago, and I've been using his film Pentaxs like crazy. I've come to fall in love with the ZX-30. It always produces beautiful images.

So, I'm heavily considering getting the Pentax K3. I've looked at many reviews/comparison charts, and it sounds like an amazing camera. Its important that the K3 is water resistant, and has what I consider to be a crazy ISO limit,etc. to me.

What's everyone's thoughts?
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Uf ISO limits are important get a k-5 mkii ir mkiis and with the money you saved get some nice glass.
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If you choose the K3 or a K5 you will still be able to use the lenses that you are currently using with the ZX30.


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Gamka wrote:
If you choose the K3 or a K5 you will still be able to use the lenses that you are currently using with the ZX30.

So, will it still be able to be a fully manual lens? I know if I put an older lens without a motor and stuff in it(what I call an "A ring"), my camera just blinks where the Av display is at, and won't shoot. Not sure if there would be an issue going from my zx-30 to the K3? If they do work fine I'd probably buy a prime lens with it.

I have 3 lens for my Zx-30. I have a---

Tamron 28-200 Wide angle zoom
Tamron 80-210 Zoom
Pentax 28-80 Macro zoom


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cabstar wrote:
Uf ISO limits are important get a k-5 mkii ir mkiis and with the money you saved get some nice glass.

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I looked up the comparison charts for the k5mkiis and the k3, the k3 still has me sold with more FPS, double SD slots, higher ISO, etc....hmm...



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Useable ISO is what you need to look at, not just how high it can potentially go

Not dissimilar to the guitar amp in Spinal Tap going up to 11 rather than the usual 10


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Your ZX-30 will be able to use manual metering (set M on the dial.) If you are missing the instruction book it can be obtained from this site:
Download the MZ-30 manual and look and page 51 (same camera, different name.)
The K5 and K3 are also able to use manual lenses. If the lenses have the 'A' setting all you would need to do is focus them yourself in any camera mode. The older fully manual ones would need to be metered in M or use them fully open in Av (just needs a setting changing in the menu to use the aperture ring.)
The K-3 is a very fine camera which has superseded the K-5 series. As you say it is better at most things though the jury is out as with regards to very high ISO's (6400 upwards) where the images seem slightly more noisy (nothing really to worry about.) It seems daft not to go the the K-3 unless your only consideration is taking photos at 6400 and above as below ISO 3200 where most photos are taken the K-3 wins hands down.
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I'd like to chime in here also, in that if you've come from a Canon T3 then you are in for exciting times. You'll get a real increase in image quality, rugged build quality and higher dynamic range abilities.

The old lens ability is awesome, as they'll also now be image stabilized also. As above 'A' setting equipped lenses are by far the easiest older Pentax lenses to use, as ultimately you 'lose' only autofocus. If it's an M lens etc, then you have a bit more work to do, but it's not that bad either.

One thing to note is the field of view will change on these lenses when you use them on the digital body. Pentax doesn't yet offer a digital camera with a sensor the size of the film strip area. The total magnification of the lens doesn't change, but you'll get a reduced viewing angle. In practise this means it's harder to get the wide angle shots really.

Welcome to the site too by the way
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Depends on wether you want to believe them or not..

Cheers Jules...

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I can't see a practical use for that high of an ISO, I guess the option that it is there is just what amazing me. I just did 3200 Ilford film, and it was almost too grainy for me. Might be fun to shoot in pitch black to see what happens on a high ISO..

I'm a bit confused with what lenses are going to fit though? I already shoot my ZX-30 in M, and with the aperture lens ring on A. I push the Av button on the side to change the aperture. I'll upload some picture of what it does. I'm sure you guys know what you're talking about, but I'm a bit confused...


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I cannot speak of the ZX30 but I do use old lenses on my K10 and K5 - as long as you change the 'Allow aperture ring use' (or similar) in the menu to allow then it all works hunky dory

Of course the lenses limit the camera in some ways but I really enjoy using them whether they are 'a', 'm' or 'm42'.

I don't have the K3 but in my opinion you can't go far wrong with it, however the K5 variants do leave a decent chunk of cash left for glass or beer or even a glass and beer


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(below)This is what it flashes with the older lenses on it OR if I take the lens with the "A ring" off of "A", and put it on another aperture setting (won't shoot with this blinking)...Maybe I should move this thread now?

This is what it does with the newer lens, having the apature set on "A", and then adjusting the aperture to whatever want by using the Av button on the front of the camera. I shoot in M.

Here's the front..

I guess maybe I should move this thread huh?=p
thanks for all the help..I'm downloading a manual now. Everyone I've always talked to (camera shops and school) has no clue how to work a pentax..

SO! will all of the "new" lenses that fit my ZX-30 work without a problem on a K3?
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I'm loving my K3 but there are plenty who see snakes in the grass.
To me it's better in every way than my K5IIs with no downsides at all.
Noise when it does come is very granular and regular, very like film but without the colour blotching, I got from my K5 st ISO 3200 and above, cleans up better too. I like you don"t really photograph black cats in coal cellars at night, If I did, I'd go out and buy a Nikon Df tomorrow...
Cheers Jules...

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aadixon wrote:
(below)This is what it flashes with the older lenses on it OR if I take the lens with the "A ring" off of "A", and put it on another aperture setting (won't shoot with this blinking)

You need to put the dial on M (manual.) When the aperture isn't on A, the lens in effect becomes a non auto lens like the M series that has no electronic communication (allows backwards compatibility with older lenses, and allows newer lenses to be used on older bodies.) Hope that helps!
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