K5 2S moire-Just for the record


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Received a Pentax K5 2S yesterday:

Planned a two-day session to test for the potential Moire (yesterday and today),

Checked all apertures on 4 DA* lenses at all speeds and iso 80 - 4000 mixed lighting including back lighting


chickens (plumage) - None
weaving - None
Bsket furniture - None
Venetian Blinds - None
Linen - None
Hemp - None
Texture surfaces (Cameras and cmputers) - None
Squirrels (Body fur) - None
Tweed jacket in dull sunlight - None
wire mesh and fences - None

TV screen / and silk - yes (what's new?)

*But surprisingly unobtrusive on the silk and only when the material was incresingly moved more or less from a perpendicular angle to a more acute angle, to the lens centreline - if you know what I mean

apart from the tow notorious subjects " No other Moire" - could be there is a fatal combination tha can work and I will see some, but now I have no hesitation to compliment pentax on a wonderful camera.

Using the K5 2S with DA* 200m- Sharpness would more than challenge a 50mm standard.

Will buy a second body soon

Hope this is a usefull commentary



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Many thanks, I'm sure that moire can be found, but in normal situations it's very unlikely to be a problem.
Best regards, John


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Moire is very dependent on angle. Something photographed with the camera held level might show moire, but tilting the camera a few degrees will eliminate it.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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Incidentally, using the GR, which has the same size sensor and also no AA filter, there has been no sign at all of moire.
Best regards, John


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Incidentally, using the GR, which has the same size sensor and also no AA filter, there has been no sign at all of moire.

I am a bit astonished to read this.

See e.g. http://www.dpreview.com/previews/ricoh-gr/9 - "Ricoh GR - F2.8, 100% center crop"

both cameras are exhibiting extensive moiré as a result of their sharp lenses and lack of anti-aliasing filters


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In what way are you astonished?

If you seek moire you will find it, if you just go out and shoot normal images you are highly unlikely to find it's a problem.
Best regards, John


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In what way are you astonished?

It might be questionable whether or not color moiré is a problem for most pictures. However, it also might be disputable whether the absence of an AA filter really is desirable (an advantage). But this is not my point.

Knowing you as an expert and experienced "tester", I was just surprised by the absoluteness of this statement
using the GR, which has the same size sensor and also no AA filter, there has been no sign at all of moire

especially as e.g. dpreview finds "extensive" moiré.


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I was reporting what I found in normal use, and I'm happy to confirm that is what I found in normal use.

If and when I do observe some moire, I'll let you know!
Best regards, John


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The rigging on yachts in a boatyard should be a good test.

As usual RH always has it covered .....


Go to the DC Watch link and DL say the two f/8 files of the
building (file no.s 23 and 30). There's a vertical feature on
the building running full height about 1/3rd in from the left,
that looks completely different due moire. For that reason
I wouldn't use the K-5iiS for architectural work. It looks
excellent on the trees and grass and should be excellent for

Might be OTT but of you enlarge the two files to 400% the moire
is clearly visible on the window cills of the K-5iiS.

I did resize these two to 1280w using Resize Magic and apart from
the better colour of the trees and grass there isn't much in it
between the two cameras apart from the vertical feature
being obviously different.

The 40mm lens isn't very impressive.

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If you use Lightroom 4 or 5 they have a moire removal brush. never had a chance to test it though. should dig out the K10D and test it.



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Three weeks in Asia ( Borneo) with a K5 IIs - no moire, zero, zilch


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Daronl wrote:
Three weeks in Asia ( Borneo) with a K5 IIs - no moire, zero, zilch

I hope Algi and Smeggy don't see this update they will be suicidal


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I never saw moire as being a problem worth worrying about in an AA Filterless camera. Easily removable in Lightroom if on teh odd occasion it does appear
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MrS, I appreciate your comment and it's saved me from feeling like that bowl of petunias....
Best regards, John


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I suspect that you can find moire in images from many digital cameras even if they do have an AA filter - if you look hard enough.

This is a small crop from an image taken by a K200D with a 18-55mm kit lens.

Flickr photostream
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