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I'm sure many are quite content with their older Pentax cameras and are thankful there aren't new ones coming out every few months as they don't normally give them away for free! Even when there is a new model out theirr old one doesn't suddenly stop doing what it did. Some folk are still content using 50 year old M42 and early K mount film cameras!
I suppose some people buy every new camera and lens the company make but if they do they will have spent a tidy sum on their K-1, K-1ii, K-3, K-3ii, K-50, K-70, KP, 15-30, 24-70, 28-105, 70-200, 150-450, 560, 50mm f/1.4 (and probably more besides that I've forgotten about) gear in less than the last five years. Heck, what do people want and expect? Mirrorless cameras aren't everyone's thing and not everyone is waiting to buy a new camera just for the sake of it.
John K


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Agreed John

I can understand a dedicated sports/wildlife photographer going with another brand because of the autofocus. But they will not have waited until 2018 to make that decision.

I can understand the attraction of mirrorless if you really want a lighter and smaller camera.

But for the kind of pictures I take I could fish my K10D out of retirement and still be more than happy with the results. Chasing the latest release for it's own sake is pointless.

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I'm glad Pentax never brought out anything like the Nikon Z's Their forums such as DPR are full of complaints

Just imagine the complaints if Pentax brought out a camera with AF as bad as.....

SEE: AF-C with tracking - performance


I'm suspicious that they haven't shown the cyclists face and glasses on the crop photos...... Could it be than none of the 16 shots are in focus.

How about a camera that you have to grip so tight that your fingers dig into the rubber .....

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I've had my K-3 for over four years and haven't felt any need to replace it. I really don't want any more pixels, it already eats up disk space. The built in GPS of the Mk II is tempting, but I have an external GPS which works fine. The levels in the viewfinder of the K-1 would be nice, but that's a lots of dosh for a couple of levels... And if I really need "full frame" I can just use my LX.
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Algernon wrote:

The other man's arse certainly isn't cleaner

You have a way with words, Algi - that's quite a graphic analogy!



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Sitting on my desk at present are the *istD, K5 and K3ii, all three of which are used regularly. I keep being tempted by a K1 now and then but I keep asking myself, "what do you want one of those for?" On the other hand, I could do with upgrading my working lenses but nearly every review you read talks about not if, but when the Self Destruct Motors will fail. Being on a fixed pension, I cannot justify blowing almost four figures on a near certain lemon - and the one I'd like can't be converted to screw drive without a complete rebuild!
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Unfortunately a reputation for something takes a long time to die away on the internet, if it ever does. There's no reason to suppose that any new lens will fail any sooner than anything else we buy and I wouldn't let past woes stop me.

Also, the K-1 is brilliant, if you want one go for it! I was glad that I did.
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womble wrote:
I've had my K-3 for over four years and haven't felt any need to replace it. I really don't want any more pixels, it already eats up disk space.

Me too. My K3 is more than four years old and its still my No. 1 camera body, backed up by a K5 and a K30. When the K1 was still quite new I considered buying one but spent the money instead on glass - a D FA*70-200mm zoom. Its heavy and quite expensive but I got a great discount from SRS on it. It replaced my previous fixed focal length DA*200mm lens which lacked the flexibility I needed.
The K30 is my answer to going mirrorless as its light and great for carrying around when I'm doing urban photography. Unlike some people who had unfortunate experiences with the K30 mine has never let me down.
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