How long will your battery last.


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I am lucky if I get 200 pictures out of a battery. 1 Pentax, 1 who knows what. To be honest cant tell which battery lasts longer. I use live view on my tripod almost all the time and can be taking 30 second exposures on my K5. Have only had the camera about a month and love it but could not go away for a weekend without more batteries.
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Using the viewfinder, not reviewing shots very much and shooting in normal daylight I'd expect many hundreds of exposures. Maybe as many as 700 or more.

30 second exposures take a lot of energy, as does using the screen all the time, so that's the reason.
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what JR says +1. I find battery life on the K-5 excellent, only once swapping batteries after a long shoot. However I use the viewfinder and don't do long exposures.
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I will need to go out one day and switch everything off and see how I get on. I am not very good at hand holding the camera as a lot of my pictures appear blurred. For the long exposures I have a 10 stop ND filter and with live view you can at least see what you are shooting and it will focus as well. Not tried to see if it will focus in ordinary mode.
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keep the tripod. If you have AF lens try the selectable focus points. I use them occasionally but mostly use centre focus and recompose.

If not using the ND you can up the ISO which may help reduce exposure times and hence shake. I seem to be at ISO800 mostly, dropping down if its bright. Folks here are happy even higher on the K-5.
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Having just switched from a KX to a K5 I am amazed by the battery. Just went away for the weekend with friends, took over 500 shots, constant reviewing on the screen and people flicking through them, still indicates as 'full'.
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I have a K7 and dont use Liveview much, I do however frequently review photos on screen and am amazed how long the battery lasts. I have never counted the shots but it must be many hundreds, the spare Hahnel battery which has slightly lower AH also lasts ages.
You can tell the energy requirements of Liveview is high by the heat generated in the camera. I'm not surprised Liveview flattens the batteries quickly. It's a viscious circle as a hot battery performs worse and may appear flat when its just too hot to perform properly.
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It makes you wonder how a compact lasts.
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johnboy-22 wrote:
It makes you wonder how a compact lasts.

It doesn't. Compacts generally give 200-250 shots on a battery before recharging is needed.
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Use the OVF instead of the LCD screen. Yo save power that way. Learn to hand hold your camera and do what we in Singapore do. Before you press the shutter button, take a deep breath and hold it there. It works great.
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I get about 2,000 shots per freshly charged battery on a shoot ( both pentax and 3td party batteries )

Impressed. Much better than I used to get from my K20D
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johnboy-22 wrote:
I use live view on my tripod almost all the time and can be taking 30 second exposures on my K5.

There is your answer. Brand has nothing to do with it, Sony, Nikon, Canon ... extensive use of live view will annihilate even the best batteries.

I get 700+ even from the copy batteries (I have 2xPentax and 3xothers) and I chimp all the time, and review and delete shots in the quiet moments. But I don't use Live View except in rare circumstances. Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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I quite agree. Live view will be the culprit.
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Live View is definitely the cause, I've noticed because I use it increasingly more's a great tool for shooting waterfalls etc tripod mounted and it also makes it much easier to judge the position of NDgrads, you do need a couple of spare batteries to be on the safe side though

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Never use Live View. Batteries seem to last for ever... so long in fact that I used to worry that the spare would lose its charge. However, it never does (unlike the spare AA batteries for my K100DS).
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