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Chrism8 wrote:
JohnX wrote:
I've just upgraded to a paying supporter rather than just a signed up one.

Me to, perhaps this should be a little more prominent on the site and if it keeps the ad's at bay then I'm all for it.

Me too. Good value at less than 3p/day - until you add up the cost of the kit you've decided to buy because of something you've seen on the forum .



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Purchasing Plus Membership is the easiest way to support the site and help keep things going. I appreciate the additional features don't really mount up to much, so it's more of a donation which is much appreciated.

Thanks again to everyone that's Purchased it.


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I've been a paid-up member for many years. I'm really glad some of the ads have gone. On my phone, especially, the proportion of ads was greater than what I could see of the site!
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