K-1 Cracked Rear Screen Repair


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Hi All

I'm posting this thread in case it is of some use to anyone who may damage their K-1's rear screen (or the rear screen of any other camera for that matter, if it's made from glass), also because HarisF1 asked for it.

The backstory is that I recently bought a damaged K-1 on ebay, knowing that it had a cracked rear screen and a scrape on the body, which are almost certainly a result of it being dropped. I got it very cheap, considering that it works in all other respects and that I knew the cracked screen could be repaired to make it safe. With damage like this you will never completely fix it from a cosmetic point of view, but you can make it stable and useable, whilst reducing the cosmetic impact of the break. The best way to fix it is with car windscreen repair resin, simply apply it sparingly to all cracked areas, then place on the plastic UV curing strip that comes with the windscreen repair kit, then leave it in direct sunlight for 10 minutes to cure. Once cured, carefully remove the excess resin with a very sharp blade, such as a razor blade. You may need to repeat this 2 or 3 times to fully fill all of the damaged areas.

Below are some pics, the first is a 'before' image from the ebay listing, the second and third are after the repair. The crack is now secured and although clearly seen when the screen is off, it is barely visible when switched on and is perfectly stable for normal use, without any fear that the glass will fall out. Apologies that the screen is a bit dusty!

I hope this is useful / helpful for anyone with a similar issue.

Cheers, David

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Well done, thank you for sharing this.
All the gear with no idea


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HarisF1 wrote:
Well done, thank you for sharing this.

Be well, stay safe.
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