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Link Posted 29/10/2010 - 13:18
I'm not sure exactly what to expect from the subject energy . I can think of quite a few ways it can go, but you'll probably all think of more. Hopefully that will be the fun of this subject, and allow everyone to think of something and enter.

The rough order of what I'll be looking for when judging is:

- something that says energy to me
- pleasing to look at, something along the lines of the "would I hang it on the wall" test
- technically competent

The first two are rather subjective, and I'm not an expert judge, so sorry in advance if I make the "wrong" decision...

The regular rules will apply. All pictures must be taken between now and 6pm GMT Wednesday November 10th 2010. Only Pentax cameras or closely related Samsung models should be used.

As always, the key information about camera and lens settings should be accessible, ideally listed briefly under the photo. This can be very educational - showing how the pictures have been taken, and maybe giving other people new ideas and insight.

The winner must be prepared to choose and judge the next topic and nominate 1st, 2nd and 3rd places plus award any appropriate commendations.

Good luck,



Link Posted 29/10/2010 - 17:51
Blue Heat

I'm sure I'm going to regret posting something up this early but someone has to set an initial target

A cooker burner going full blast.

Pentax K-7 with DA55-300 @ 230mm (to keep me & the camera away from the heat)
20sec, F22, ISO 200 & full D-range correction.

Taken at 17:19 on Friday 29th October.


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Link Posted 31/10/2010 - 23:45
Masculine Energy, At the Tender Age of Nine

Pentax Km
Focal length 55mm
F Number f/8
ISO 200
Date Oct 30th


Link Posted 09/11/2010 - 14:35
Burst of Fire

IMGP9908 by Tozza27, on Flickr">[img]http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1104/5161452288_0f75d01a81_b.jpg" class="comment_image" />

IMGP9908 by Tozza27, on Flickr" class="comment_image" />

Hand held shot from my bedroom window as I set up for what turned out to be a very disappointing night of firework extravagance around the neighbourhood.
K20D with 18-55 AL DA II - f8,spot metered , ISO 100 , 3 3/4 sec exposure with the lens pressed against the window to steady it.
K20D,*istD ( now a dedicated M42 digital ),K100D,MZ5N,P50,ME Super,Spotmatic 1000,Spotmatic,ESII,ES,H2.18-55 II,18-55,75-300 FAJ,35-80 FA,80-200 F,28-105 FA,Sigma 24-70 AF Aspherical,Sigma 28-300 Hyperzoom , Praotor II 500 M42,Centon 500mm mirror,and a few Pentax M42 Taks,super-Taks,smc Taks,A and M lenses.Benbo trekker,7dayshop monopod and a Lowepro rucksack.

I am now on Flickr which is nice !


Link Posted 09/11/2010 - 15:34

f19@ 1/60th
ISO 400
Date 30/10/2010
Too Old To Die Young



Link Posted 09/11/2010 - 18:31
Cumulo Nimbus

Taken 01/11/10
Pentax K7
Sigma 18-250
ISO 200

My Website


Link Posted 10/11/2010 - 08:44
Photo-synthesis: Solar energy!

Shot 1 November 2010. Kx with DA21, f5.6 @ 1/500 sec, -0.5 Ev. Post in LR3.


Link Posted 10/11/2010 - 13:28
The weather is MUCH better today, so at least I've had the chance to grab a basic interpretation on Energy.
A view from the Refinery fence.

55mm lens

Pentax:K5ii, K7, K100D, DA18-55, DA10-17, DA55-300, DA50-200, F100-300, F50, DA35 AL, 4* M50, 2* M135, Helicoid extension, Tak 300 f4 (& 6 film bodies)
3rd Party: Bigmos (Sigma 150-500mm OS HSM),2* 28mm, 100mm macro, 28-200 zoom, 35-80 zoom, 80-200 zoom, 80-210 zoom, 300mm M42, 600 mirror, 1000-4000 scope, 50mm M42, enlarger lenses, Sony & micro 4/3 cameras with various PK mounts, Zenit E...
Far to many tele-converters, adapters, project parts & extension tubes etc.

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Link Posted 10/11/2010 - 16:16
Clean power. Hot off the sensor.

Model - PENTAX K-7
DateTime - 2010:11:10 15:09:44
Lens Type - Sigma AF 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC
ISO - 100
ExposureTime - 1/750 seconds
FNumber - 5.60
ExposureProgram - Aperture priority
ISOSpeedRatings - 100
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Link Posted 10/11/2010 - 18:41
That's great, eight entries before the competition finished, much better than I thought it was going to be. I'll post up the result, possibly as late as midnight unfortunately, so bear with me.


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Link Posted 11/11/2010 - 00:55
Hmmm, I’ve made a bit of a rod for my own back here . The subject has lead to a very diverse collection of photos, and now I’ve got to somehow rank them. That’ll teach me . Oh well, here goes.

GlynW – Blue Heat

I love the colours in this photo and it fits the subject well. I might say it was cropped a little tight at the bottom, it may have been better to see more of the reflection, but that’s only a small point. Everything except the flames look sharp, so the 20 second exposure hasn’t hurt. Overall, a great start and posted in record time.

JudithAnn – Masculine Energy, At the Tender Age of Nine

Again lovely colours and obviously taken by someone skilled in portraits – a long way from my expertise. The lighting is great, as is focus and you’ve caught a great facial expression. If I was being picky, maybe it says strength rather than energy, and I think there’s too much black space on the left hand side and not enough on the right, but overall a very well taken picture.

TOZZA27 – Burst of Fire

A simple idea , effective and suits the topic. As it appears on the forum it is cropped a little close on the right for me, but the flikr version is a bit better. I suspect it would have been better on a tripod, and it seems to have ghosting or lens flare of the white spot at the centre of the explosion, which is slightly distracting. Overall, another good entry.

bforbes – All Eight

Having tried to photograph chrome in the past I know how difficult it can be to get the exposure right, so well done for that. Maybe it’s just me, but I find this photo too complicated and distracting. I can see how you’ve put the dial on two thirds to act as a focal point, put it’s overpowered by the red colour.

aliengrove – Cumulo Nimbus

Perhaps because of the mono conversion, this photo is almost abstract. Initially I found it a bit too hard to get past the randomness, but I finding it’s growing on me as I stare at it longer. Viewed on a good monitor at home it exudes quality with a fine tonal range. However, the abstract nature does detract from the theme of energy for me. Hopefully you'll tell us more about where this picture was taken from, as it isn't obvious to me.

i-Berg – Photo-synthesis: Solar energy!

Without the title, would I have thought of energy when looking at this? I’m not sure. However, it is a well taken, although it might have benefited from a larger depth of field so that more of the leaf to the left of the photo towards the bottom was in focus, in other words the sharp area is too off-centre. I like the lovely green colour and the composition.

petrochemist – Refinery

This one definitely captures the dirty side to energy, even if that stuff on the left is probably nothing more than water vapour. For me though, I don’t find it a pleasing composition with the big white tank dominating my attention, but sitting to the extreme right, plus partly cropped off. But it’s well focused and exposed, with the steam providing interest, but perhaps just not the picture for me.

dougf8 – Clean Power

I like this one, but there are a couple of things I might have tried differently. Firstly, would it have worked with a longer exposure, so the turbine blades showed some motion blur? Secondly, it may have worked better as portrait rather than landscape. Keep the labels towards the bottom left, and the turbine towards the top right and loose the distracting handle on the left.

So, now down to business. The winner this week is GlynW for keeping close to the subject and producing a well taken photo with colours I never got tired of looking at. It teaches me the lesson that entering early has advantages - the picture gets seen a lot by the judge which can allow it to establish itself as a favourite.

The coveted second place goes jointly to JudithAnn and aliengrove who I think both passed the “would it look OK hung on the wall” test.

And finally, as promised, everyone else comes a wonderful joint third – after all, I did say there was a good chance of coming third at the worst, although there were only two entries at that point .

Thanks to you all for taking the time to enter, sorry this is even later than I said, and over to you GlynW.



Link Posted 11/11/2010 - 01:18
Congrats GlynM. Thanks Rob, well judged. It is interesting how people interpret topics.

Unfortunately the wind was about 5mph and the sun bright and with the 10-20mm needing a big ND filter, no tripod and my trespassing, it all conspired for a quickfire shoot and run.

I do like AlienG's painterly quality and i_Berg's every leaf has a silver lining.
Lurking is shirking.!


Link Posted 11/11/2010 - 02:55
Thank You Judge.
I am very new at portrait...at lest this kind in a studio type setting. I have a passion for photographing children and with six grandchildren they are teaching me so many new things.

I agree that it had the strength factor, but it was the masculine energy of wanting to look strong that stuck me. I was not posing this child as such...but he was boasting how powerful and mighty and manly he was...so I asked him to show me, making grunting noises and big poses...I started shooting, this one was his favorite. I saw the masculine energy first even though the pose was a muscle bound strength.

Special congrats to Glyn...he is something else....his work is awesome, LOVED this photo!!! Also was honoured to share my placement with Aliengrove...that was such a cool photo.


Link Posted 11/11/2010 - 06:02
Cheers Rob, congrats to Glyn, JA and Jon!


Link Posted 11/11/2010 - 06:45
Congratulations Glyn and I-Beg, and thanks for the joint second place, Rob.

My picture was taken south of the island of Java, from an aircraft, at 35000 feet.

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