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The premise that Pentax lenses have always been less expensive than the equivalent Nikon ones does not actually stand up to scrutiny.

Selectively you could prove that, but in general, going back over the years they have been much of a muchness, with the Pentax version often being priced slightly higher.
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giofi wrote:
Frogfish wrote:
Not if you want to stay in business.

I would argue that staying in business requires companies to make a profit that satisfies shareholders, that is what it is all about.

Of course it does. And that isn't going to happen if their products are more expensive that the competition's, in the circles in which Pentax mingles, is it ?

As well as having other areas they are deficient in and need to overcome (e.g. slower AF, limited Pro use, poor advertising, fewer lenses in their range (doesn't matter if they are substantially better or not but if there are gaps that hurts), inferior flash system, no cost-effective long birding lenses in their range, no FF in their range). Whether or not anyone agrees or disagrees on those as deficiencies is irrelevant as it is enough for an individual buyer to view it(them) as such and take his/her money elsewhere. Then multiple that by 500,000 or more.

If you think of those people that spend the most money on photography then it comes down to Pros, Birders (long lenses), Sports shooters (very fast FPS cameras, pro-level zooms and those long lenses again)and landscape togs (FF until they can afford a 645 !). These are the people that pay the big bucks.

This is why some people, myself included of course, want to see Pentax plug those holes ASAP so that they can then go on to exploit their competitive advantages (WR, SR, lighter, more compact, cameras and lenses, outstanding IQ, Pixie Dust etc.) with the general buying public and specifically those genres I mentioned above.
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Frogfish wrote:
Don wrote:
Don wrote:
Algernon wrote:
I wasn't sure about the waterproofing, but it's confirmed
that it is. It doesn't collapse though.

Pentax did patent such a beast.. and there were photos of the prototype 560 that did appear to be collapsable... so do not rule it out yet..

It's shown here collapsed and the pics came from
the same forum that now says it doesn't collapse and it's
not shown collapsed on the latest photos?



RH is a Pentax hater and IMHO an idiot... he was also posting everywhere that the k-5 mk II rumors were fakes.. anywho... the lens LOOKS like it collapses, and it probably does... Pentax is notorious for having less than useful press releases and marketing efforts lol! time will tell.

As above. RH often posts BS including mock ups and is a known Pentax-hater.

The 560mm almost certainly does not collapse - not only did Pentax not say anything about what would be a major feature in their press release :


But you can see for yourself it would be impossible :


I handled one of these DA 560mm lenses at a Pentax UK marketing event in London on 29/09/2012. The copy I handled certainly did collapse. There were 2 stages, first the lens hood slid back, then the lens tube with the front element slid back, shortening the lens exactly as shown in the photo on RH's blog. The foremost hexagonal "bolt"is tightened to hold the lens tube in collapsed or open positions. Intriguingly, the PentaxImaging photo does not show this hexagonal "bolt". I don't know whether the lens I handled was a full production model or not.

Disappointingly, despite a long search with it from a good high vantage point I failed to find any members of the Royal family to photograph, topless or otherwise, but this lens did seem up to the job if the opportunity presented itself.
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I don't think any working copies exist yet.
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You can preorder the lens for WAIT FOR IT
6000 my cards just made a run for the door.


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That's not going to hurt sales of the TC 'when' it comes
Maybe that is the strategy
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