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Time and time again users express wariness about new members or infrequent posters selling equipment on classifieds. Each time John rightly reminds us that the buyer must beware and in many cases those members selling their equipment are completely genuine.

However, rather than John acting reactively on behalf of PU maybe it would be a better way forward if:

a)There was a sticky explaining that PU has no active role in the buying and selling process other than being a facility for communication

b)The seller of any equipment had to quote this information on their opening post when they offer equipment for sale.

Thoughts anyone?



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The sticky's a good idea, Alan. Not so sure about (b) though, as any transaction has to be all about trust.


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Have said before (and so have others) the forum needs some sort of feedback system and new users shouldn't have selling rights until they have reached a certain post count (bit like with PM's) but nothing has ever happened, just like the mobile version of the forum and being able to jump straight to the last viewed post which nearly every other forum has.

TBH it gets right up my nose when someone comes on here just to sell their gear and then having done so (or after getting no response) they are never seen again.

Still, if people are so intent on getting a bargain and they are happy to take a chance on sending hundreds of pounds to someone they know nothing about then who am I to argue.
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Not sure how well that works Mike - on another forum you're not even allowed to view the classifieds until you've made 25 posts and then the mods watch your postings like a hawk - but then again I've only ever met one person from PU and that's the guy I sold an *ist DL to so although you know their forum persona, that's as much as you know...

What I find annoying are the posts where someone, most often a newbie, opens a thread looking for a lens or such item, MUST be mint blah blah and baulks at the offers, sorry but that's the law of supply and demand. I see what's on offer, decide whether I would like it or not and then decide on the price, if it's too high then I wait, if it goes another similar one will come along....
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Don't forget the big advantage in allowing anyone to sell.

There have been a few bereavement sales like that and
Unlocker got his 250-600mm like that at a very cheap
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Algernon wrote:

There have been a few bereavement sales like that and
Unlocker got his 250-600mm like that at a very cheap

He went and picked it up (believe it was a long journey in terrible weather) ... slight difference to sending a few thousand to someone he has only seen post once on an anonymous forum.

I agree though that most people are honest enough (for example the K-5 and 50-135mm in France looks to have turned out fine, even though I am pretty sure Pentax warranty is not transferable) and I have taken a chance on occasions .. but the difference is I knew just that and made sure I had all the sellers details, right down to their inside leg measurements.

If they refuse Paypal (even if I have to pay the fees) and ask for bank transfer only I will walk away .. well run actually.
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Perhaps a thread with tips for successful transactions could be started, then summarized, allowing folks to have a guide of sorts, at their own risk.

Also a list of warning signs?
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Has anyone thought about using an Escrow service such as this. Use it for any transaction over a certain amount or when you are uncertain of the sellers/buyers creds. Fees are reasonable (less than Paypal) and can be shared by both parties.

Just a suggestion.

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Perhaps new members should be blocked from the classifieds to start as with Personal Messaging. Some are clearly here to trade and not for networking about our shared hobby/equipment/advice. They post nothing of interest and nothing they've photographed.

I've sold three lenses (two high value) and some odds and ends on here this last month. Never sold anything online before. Everyone has courteously replied by private messages throughout and paid me by bank transfer.Several commented they were virgins to all this too! All have confirmed goods arrived safely.

I've bought a couple of things on here in the past. Same process, no issue at any time. I don't think I would have dealt with someone who suddenly appeared

Anyway thanks to all who have been trustworthy. This is generally a great place.


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I haven't any objection to someone new to the site using it just to sell gear. It's not what the site is mainly about, but it's a useful service to everyone involved. If someone had clearly joined just to sell, I would be even more careful than usual about any transaction. But that's a long way short of saying such sales should be discouraged, much less banned. My only objection (in my earlier post) was to the sale column turning into a scarcely disguised commentary on the seller's probity or sometimes on the price they are asking. None of us is naive: it really is up to the buyer to be satisfied (or not) on these matters.
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CMW wrote:
None of us is naive..........

Wouldn't we like to think so. Then no-one would get conned ever.

I'd either like to see some rules, or some agreed text inserted into each original sales posting, just to remind the undoubted naive amongst us to be careful.



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Having picked up some nice equipment from people who have inherited gear they don't want, etc., I don't mind newbies coming here to sell equipment. After all, if you'd just inherited a relatives loved Pentax gear wouldn't you rather sell it to someone who would appreciate it and use it?

It might be helpful to have updated selling guidelines, and I do feel that unpleasant comments are not really needed. If you don't trust someone, ask questions in PM. I've often just passed on things I might like simply because there is something about the advert I don't trust. Sometimes striking up a 'conversation' with the seller resolves the questions.

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I would never usually comment on people selling items i just found it funny he had not commented to posts but then opened another selling more items. Should you keep doubts to your self or air them you tell me


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The guidelines are there, please keep Classified threads to be buying/selling process. Members are not daft, they can judge for themselves. PU doesn't get involved in sales/wants, so it's entirely Caveat Emptor, just like a newspaper ad I suppose.

If you have any serious doubts, then a PM to me or one of the other mods, but we've probably already noticed it.

I think if we did restrict people from advertising from the start then it's right that we would likely miss some real opportunities. If a relative left me some cameras I had no idea about, I wouldn't spend 30 days on here waiting till I could offer them.

Just be careful as we always should be. So far there has not been a serious problem, as far as we know.
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I tend to agree. People who only come on the site to sell are useful to potential buyers in the forum.

Also it should be remembered that many people are PU members but never post to the forums, although they may drop in to read from time to time, so despite low post counts they many have been around for a long time.

I've seen posts of which I've been suspicious, but if I am I don't buy. But if someone was selling a new K5 for a penny I might risk it!
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