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The short version of this story is my K-3 camera appear completely dead! I arrived in England
yesterday for month to photo shoot England.... I am now in Devon, where might I find a pentax dealer. I am now willing to buy a new K-1

As the sun set, spreading its golden lustre upon the hills of Devon England, I was transported back into the fairytale books of my youth. It was as though Peter rabbits landscape came alive. The knarly twisted roads with hedges for curbs, stone farm houses with beautiful shaped moss covered roofs scattered here and there. Sheep bedding down for the night on the rough road, bring us to a complete stop. I was pushing my camera to capture what it could in the fading light.... I popped my flash, saw a blue light cross my view screen. Resigned myself to the fact that twilight was gone and darkness reigned. After 34 straight hours of almost no sleep, I retired straight to room when we arrived at our 400 year old cottage. I plug in my camera battery, fell fast to sleep at 10:30 local time. I awoke at 3:30 am hungry. My battery full charge, I thought, the family is asleep, I take a few photos of this unbelievable dewelling. My camera would not turn on....I remembered that blue flash ascross my screen....something said..."This was a short out". I believe my camera had died!!! Here I am deep in the middle of know where....miles and miles from shopping metropolitan world. Surrounded by sheep with spring lamb, little wild ponies, moss covered trees on fairytale landscapes, in a cottage 3x older then the country I live in...... and my camera dies??? Now what is life trying to tell me...hummmmm! Oh well, lets see what I can do with an I pad camera.... until then....
I have found a K-1 Mark II at Jessops about an hour from this cottage retail price $1799. About $ 3, 135. For just the body at home it runs $2,500 ... so it will be $600 more here! However, I then have a great camera.
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Give SRS a call and I'm sure they could arrange an ultra-fast courier to your hotel or a local post office. Just explain the problem and hopefully within a day you can be back in action.

SRS: 01923 226602
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I second that. SRS are the retailer of choice for many on here and they provide great service.

You can ask all your K1 related questions on here and you can learn as you travel

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As John and Peter suggest SRS would be my first port of call, if your South Devon there is Mifsuds :-

Mifsuds Photographic Ltd.
27-29 Bolton Street
Brixham, Devon TQ5 9BZ

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Here is the thing.... I am not at a hotel, I am miles in the country...In a cottage, where the road became single lane, twisted and rough... it ended in the middle of no where...BUT< it is the most amazing house.... Have a look. I cannot imagine delivery out here. Since I found only one place that sold Pentax, after about ten calls, I think my best bet is to buy this Camera in the Morning at Jessops. Within a week, I am moving on. I cannot miss this beauty, plus a Iam a long way from home! I will accept the offer of help as I learn my way around the new K-1.... Thanks a lot fellows, if I was at a hotel...I would indeed call SRS.

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What lenses do you have with you? The K1 can operate in crop mode if they are not FF compatible.

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Chrism8 wrote:
if your South Devon there is Mifsuds :-

Mifsuds Photographic Ltd.
27-29 Bolton Street
Brixham, Devon TQ5 9BZ

Mifsuds don't have any new Pentax gear on their web site but they have a used K10D and K20D, 149 & 199 respectively.

JudithAnn, if your address has a postcode, you can get deliveries.
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That's a sad blow..... If deliveries a problem Jessops is your only hope. They look to be in Exeter and Torquay.

I wouldn't wait until tomorrow..... buy it over the phone and ask for delivery by Saturday direct to the store. Monday is a Bank Holiday. Not sure if holiday area shops are open, but deliveries might be a day later.

Mifsuds have a secondhand K-20 with 20,000 actuations for 199. Bit old and a risk.

Are you sure that the battery is charged? With the camera turned off... remove and re-insert the memory card to see if the light blinks.... just to see if there is any life anywhere.

Maybe Jessops or Mifsuds could have a look at the camera?

SRS are the best in the business and I'm sure that as Peter says if there's a postcode you could get a Royal Mail delivery alternatively you can have it delivered to a post office, but make enquiries with the post office your going to use first.
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Where you are does have a postcode (TQ13 7UB) so Post Office do deliver there. SRS can send by special delivery so if they get it in the post tonight it should be with you by 1pm tomorrow.
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There's also a London Camera Exchange in Exeter.

174 Fore Street

tel: 01392 279024
They're he nearest photo dealer to you.

Try cleaning the battery contacts and check the battery is charged. It wouldn't be the first time I've inserted a battery upside down which didn't help make it work either! It's easy to forget something basic and panic when in unfamiliar territory.
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What a lovely place you are staying at. Not exactly Peter Rabbit country but I can see why you would think so

Unexpected holiday expenses eh !!

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In your situation, I'd ring SRS, tell them what happened, what you want, where you are, how they could get a camera to you. They are very good, always willing to discuss and help. And tell them you are a member of this forum.

Alternatively, what about or They offer delivery options to various pickup points as well as delivery to your door (you would need to find out whether there is a pickup point near you, of course). Would be useful if you want to go out and won't be at home when postal service or courier calls with new camera. I've had a lens from Photospecialist delivered to a local shop and collected by me within 2 days of order.

Youmay be able to get Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded when you leave the UK with the camera provided you have the right receipts and VAT form from the retailer. Ask the retailer about it. See VAT is included in the purchase price you see on websites and it's 20% so worth getting it back if you can.

PS: Much sympathy for you. My wife's camera once failed a couple of days into a trip to Iceland. Not a good start to a holiday.


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If you would consider something you could use with no learning curve, SRS have a used K-3 with a very low shutter count for only 449:

Used Pentax K-3 Camera Body (5235 Actuations) - 1 YEAR GTEE



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There's a K-r in stock at LCE Exeter, about 20 miles away. Just 120.

There's also Jessops in Exeter so maybe you can pick up a K-1 there if you prefer that, but they may have to get it delivered to the store so phone them to check on that.
Jessops: Exeter
Tel: 01392 436383
235 High Street,Exeter,EX4 3NZ,United Kingdom
John K
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There will be a main Post Office sorting office in Exeter. Can SRS deliver it to there? If you were not at home that's where it would end up anyway.
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