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pschlute wrote:
What lenses do you have with you? The K1 can operate in crop mode if they are not FF compatible.

That is a good question. I have my 18- 135 mm no doubt a crop.
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JAK wrote:
There's a K-r in stock at LCE Exeter, about 20 miles away. Just £120.

There's also Jessops in Exeter so maybe you can pick up a K-1 there if you prefer that, but they may have to get it delivered to the store so phone them to check on that.
Jessops: Exeter
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I talked with LCE on the phone, she said they were not authorized to sell pentax and did not accept any second hand one.. They were in Exeter, which is about 45 minutes from here. Jessop did have one in the Wearhouse, and it was to be shipped up tonight, and be there in the morning...So off I go in the morning to buy that K-1 MarkII ....
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Lubbyman wrote:
In your situation, I'd ring SRS, tell them what happened, what you want, where you are, how they could get a camera to you. They are very good, always willing to discuss and help. And tell them you are a member of this forum.

Alternatively, what about or They offer delivery options to various pickup points as well as delivery to your door (you would need to find out whether there is a pickup point near you, of course). Would be useful if you want to go out and won't be at home when postal service or courier calls with new camera. I've had a lens from Photospecialist delivered to a local shop and collected by me within 2 days of order.

Youmay be able to get Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded when you leave the UK with the camera provided you have the right receipts and VAT form from the retailer. Ask the retailer about it. See VAT is included in the purchase price you see on websites and it's 20% so worth getting it back if you can.

PS: Much sympathy for you. My wife's camera once failed a couple of days into a trip to Iceland. Not a good start to a holiday.

THANK YOU STEVE.... I will look into the tax. I am glad you shared that... Helps me to understand why this camera cost more here in the UK then in Canada. I can buy it for$ 2399, ($1366GBP) body only and &2999(1707GBP) with the lens. I would add another five pre cent tax on that but it would save me almost $500 Canadian. In truth, I am so, so, so, grateful I found one and will have it tomorrow.



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Algernon wrote:
That's a sad blow..... If deliveries a problem Jessops is your only hope. They look to be in Exeter and Torquay.

I wouldn't wait until tomorrow..... buy it over the phone and ask for delivery by Saturday direct to the store. Monday is a Bank Holiday. Not sure if holiday area shops are open, but deliveries might be a day later.

Mifsuds have a secondhand K-20 with 20,000 actuations for £199. Bit old and a risk.

Are you sure that the battery is charged? With the camera turned off... remove and re-insert the memory card to see if the light blinks.... just to see if there is any life anywhere.

Maybe Jessops or Mifsuds could have a look at the camera?

SRS are the best in the business and I'm sure that as Peter says if there's a postcode you could get a Royal Mail delivery alternatively you can have it delivered to a post office, but make enquiries with the post office your going to use first.

Neither battery works, and no blinking light from the memory card re inserted! I think it is fried!!

Jessops will have a camera in the store tomorrow morning from me...taking an hour to drive in.... Hoping and grateful someone had one. If for any reason this does not pan out... I will indeed call SRS.




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Hi Judith,

If we can help in anyway then please just ask. From your options and with a Bank Holiday, the Jessops solution is probably the most convenient, but if this doesnít happen for any reason then Iím sure we could help.

Email or call Doug at the shop (Iím off until Tuesday) or 01923 220558

Good luck!

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Your 18-135 is a crop lens and I don't think will cover the FF sensor. The DFA* 70-200 is obviously FF.

The K1II has three settings for crop : aps-c/FF/Auto. If you leave t on auto it will swap between the two modes depending what is mounted.

In crop mode you can see a black border superimposed in the viewfinder showing you what will be captured by the sensor.

Do you normally edit your own pictures on your computer ?

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I leave mine in full frame mode and edit in post. Even with crop lenses you can normally squeeze more out of the frame or lighten up the corners a touch if it's not too bad.
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pschlute wrote:

Do you normally edit your own pictures on your computer ?

My point of asking is this: If you don't edit/crop your pictures in pp then at the long end your 135mm in crop mode and your 200mm in FF mode will give an almost identical field of view in your pictures.

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Hi JA, pleased things are moving on and that it seems you'll be back with a working camera very soon.
What a time for your camera to die though. I can imagine how I'd feel if I'd just arrived in Canada and it happened to me.
Trust you'll be able to really start enjoying your visit to Blighty after your trip to Exeter.
John K
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JudithAnn wrote:
I am miles in the country...In a cottage, where the road became single lane, twisted and rough... it ended in the middle of no where...

That's a Devon Super-Highway that your belittling..... Cheeky!

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ALL SORTED OUT.... I am now the owner of the new K1MarkII. Jessops came though, and they were happy to issue me with a Vat 407 form stamped and processed on line, so I get the taxes all back...Hurray!

Thank you all for all the advice, and help. I love this forum!


PS TO ALGERNON: I am sorry sir, I should show more respect for your "super highway".... and you cannot beat that view too!!

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Glad to hear you got sorted, what a fabulous location and cottage!
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