On My Way to the UK! WOW


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I cannot believe my good fortune, leaving tomorrow for a month of photography in the UK.
And the only people I even sort of, kind of, know is a few sweet souls on this forum! I only them through this forum.

I will be posting... and I cannot wait to meet the Landscape!

As a Canadian, who roots are in England, this is a dream come true.
First place is..... Devon England: May 2nd to 9th
second place is..... Essex England: May 8th to 9th
Third stop is..... Windermere England, May 10th to 17th:
Last and fourth place is ...Isle of Syke, Scotland, May 18th to 25th

Travelling with a very well know "Newborn photographer" ..."Noelle Mirabella Photography" on FB, is her site...Have a look...she is headed for the beautiful Mossy forest of the UK where she is holding workshops etc...

I am sooooooo excited folks. I am open to any suggestions of places I should not miss!



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Enjoy your visit to the UK JudithAnn, there are some wonderful places to visit and photograph, you have some of them on your list. Our mountains are nowhere near as high as yours in Canada nor our open spaces so vast. But we have some beautiful areas. One thing we have that North America can't compete with are our historic buildings. For instance some of our cathedrals are around 800 and 900 years old.
Of those on you list the Isle of Skye is my personal favourite and Windermere is the closest to where I live. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your images posted on PUF.
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Enjoy your visit JudithAnn! It sounds a great trip. I shall look forward to seeing your photos.

We may be heading over in a couple of weeks too, and following our noses in our camper van for a few weeks.


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A fantastic trip and an exciting photo experience await! Have a great time and I especially hope that you see Skye in a spell of good weather. It's a magical place.
Best regards, John


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Perfect time of year, everything still fresh but not yet the holiday season. I hope you enjoy!


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Hope you have a great time over here. As David said we have some very old buildings around. Look froward to seeing some your photos!


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I'm sure you will enjoy your trip, hope the weather is kind to you. all of those locations have some stunning photo opportunities.
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Although Essex has a reputation for being flat and uninteresting, we do have some picturesque areas. With only 2 days allocated, you might find that 'Constable Country' on the Essex/Suffolk border is worth a visit. On the other hand, the Finchingfield and Thaxted area is good. Finally, we have 7 miles of SSSI in the form of mudflats from Shoeburyness to Leigh-on-Sea. Wherever you chose, I am sure that you will have a great time.Enjoy.


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Strange how we take our own country for granted, if anyone told me we were doing any of those trips (apart from Skye) I would be happy to travel but not overly excited tbh. If someone told me we were off to Canada I would be packed before they had finished the sentence.

Enjoy your trip JudithAnn, the UK is a beautiful place
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Its not just landscape... On the way from Essex to Windermere. Dont forget England's industrial heritage that is Manchester... "Cottonopolis." With it's "Ship" canal networks. Cotton and coal mining backgrounds. And at that time. On the sporting front. Namely Football. You will either be "Blue or red." "City or United." Football will be alive in the City.. As City hope to lift the Premier League trophy.. The rivalry will be intense.. Partying will be at a very high level..

but whatever attracts you.. Make sure you enjoy your trip and take much to talk about back to Canada....
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A few thoughts baseed on the experiences of an American friend and daughter who visited the UK for a month a couple of years ago. He had lived here 40 years ago (military posting) but had forgotten a lot, she had never been abroad before. (And yes, I know that Canada and the USA must never be confused but they are both huge countries and the visitor experience may be helpful).

- In the UK, a lot can be squeezed into a small space. They were used to driving 50 miles with little change of scenery. Over here, a lot can change within 5 miles. So plan activities and expectations accordingly.
- Coast! We've got lots of it and there's huge variety. It's part of who we are. You'll see a lot, make the most of it.
- Old and very old is part of the fabric of the country. Old buildings, yes. But they are youngsters compared with iron age hill forts, the bronze age landscapes of Dartmoor (in Devon) and stone circles and monuments. With your itinerary, it's possible to go home with 4,000 years of human history on your memory card.

And finally, it's been said many times but is worth repeating: Don't forget to put the camera down from time to time and simply enjoy being there. And the natives are friendly (well, most of them for most of the time!) so do make time to talk to them .

Enjoy your trip. It's impossible to see the UK in a month - you'll need to come again!!



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I hope you have a great holiday in our country and fill your memory cards with great photographs and happy memories.


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Now there's a coincidence - I just flew into Toronto today from the UK. Looking forward to visiting some familiar and not so familiar locations in the area.


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What a great post!

All the best for your trip and we hope you have lots of fun


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Do make certain to bring a good rainproof coat with a hood! It should be OK this time of year but there's nothing worse than being wet and cold! That said, enjoy the UK. It has photographs everywhere you look.
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