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Hi all,
I am looking to buy my first flash for my K10d.

I would prefer an auto focus one as opposed to a manual focus.

Does anyone have any advise on the sort of flash I should be looking for when shopping on a budget??

Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm new to this, please be gentle!!!!


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The term auto focus is not quite correct when applied to flashes. Auto zoom is I think what you mean, where the flash head moves in and out depending on whatever focal length the lens is set to.

By far the best Penatax flashes for your camera are the AF360FGZ and AF540FGZ. The 360 lacks the swivel head of the 540, both tilt for bounce flash however. Other makes exist also, like Sigma and Metz, with varying amounts of compatibility with the Pentax flash system.
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Thanks for the info Peter and the correction in my terminology. I did mean auto zoom. I'm still relatively new to this which obviously shows in my terminology.

I looked at the 540 and although its fantastic its currently out of my budget.

Do metz, sigma or others do a model that has similar features.
I'm new to this, please be gentle!!!!


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davenettl wrote:

Do metz, sigma or others do a model that has similar features.

Yes, they do.
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Thanks Pentaxian450. What 'other brand' flash would you recommend??
I'm new to this, please be gentle!!!!


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Others may disagree, but I would get a third party flash (like the Metz 48AF-1) that has swivel and tilt before buying the pentax AF360 again. It's a great flash, but as the head can only tilt and not swivel I find it awkward when shooting portrait.


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I currently use three Sigma EF530 DG Super. They work great once you can figure out the interface. It's not the most convivial one.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)

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Do consider that P-TTL flashguns can be problematic. They are very susceptible to giving imperfect exposure when presented with a shiny surface that reflects the flash light back to the camera.

In a dynamic situation, they are a good choice, but so too are the own-sensor flashguns like the AF-280T and the AF-400T.

In a controlled situation - where your subject is doing what he is told, and not moving around - the best solution is to use flash on manual, and this means any old flash will do as long as you can control the output. The best is the AF500-FTZ.

Boz's site is slightly misleading in that he doesn't distinguish adequately in my view between TTL and P-TTL flashes, but lumps them all together under the heading "AF Flashes". Except for the *Ist D, DS, and DS2, Pentax DSLRs will only work automatically with P-TTL.

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I would second the Metz 48AF1 as it is quite feature packed for the cost... and should get most things done. It has a swivel and tilt head as well, allowing for more creative options...


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Further vote for the Metz 48 AF-1. So far, I've discovered zero incompatibilities and I'm always pleased with the results. When I'm not, it's often down to me and not the flash. Whilst the Pentax units might prove better/easier to use/100% compatible in the nth degree, the premium to be paid for the pleasure of owning one is substantial, so unless most of your work involves flash, I'd get the Metz and put the saving aside for a future purchase.

Incidentally, Park Cameras, among others, are selling of Samsung flash guns at a considerable saving following the demise of the GX-series of DSLRs. To the best of my knowledge, these are 100% compatible with the KD10/20D and, possibly, the K7. E.g.

There is a 'barely used' Pentax equivalent up for auction at present:

Hope this helps narrow down the choice.




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A good guide with all the things

The Metz 48 seems to be the best and versatile flash for the money.

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