A walk with one prime


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I find it quite difficult to go out and about with a single lens unless it's a zoom, so this morning I put one of my old "Hollywood" lenses on the K1 mkII and walked for a couple of hours. Here's a few of the images (click for a bigger image on Flickr)...

1. Sheep on the hills:

2. Shady foxglove:

3. Monochrome leaves:

4. Green woodland:

5. Foxglove detail:

6. St Anes Road:

I find it a difficult lens to use (the lack of an "A" setting is quite restrictive to me) and my reject rate is high, but when I get it right I think it's worthy of its reputation.

Comments and criticisms welcome


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Number 2 demonstrates why this lens is so highly rated. Good contrast and a very clear separation from the background making the plant pop.


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Great angle on the first and I too like the second. The light shining through the "gloves" is lovely

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Some very nice images. No 2 is very nice, but no 3 is the stand-out one for me. The oof areas and the almost abstract nature of it.


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Great set - put a good prime in the hands of an imaginative and competent photographer and thatís what you get, regardless of focal length.

Great work Iíd say, well done


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Well shot John, #1 for me


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3 & 4 are the ones that leave more to my imagination, so they get my vote. Going out with just one prime is the norm for me (the only times I bring two primes is for shooting live music - which I only do if I know the performers or the venue, and preferably during rehearsals or soundchecks). Even when vacationing I only take my M28/3.5... seems to do everything I need...


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Cool set, never tried a "Hollywood lens" so cant say much about them, but You have taken some lovely shots with it. 1 and 2 for me.
Good shooting indeed 👏👏👏
I know what i like, If not always why.


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You can't beat 'old glass'. No.2 is wonderful.
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I find a walk with a single prime very liberating, though 28mm on FF wouldn't be my choice, too wide.
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Thanks for all the comments, it really is a superb lens - although as I mentioned I don't find it that easy to use (fiddly, keep forgetting to "green button" it, etc.).

An outing with a single Prime really does make you work hard (compared to a Zoom or selection of lenses) - I guess most of us are used to visualising an image and will then use the most appropriate focal length to fit that subject, but having a wide when you see a telephoto shot can be quite frustrating. You literally have to change your view, often taking a different angle to make your photo. With a wide your main subject may often become much closer to the lens and thus more dominant that it may have been with other lenses, a telephoto will allow tighter cropping and more emphasis on detail, but the fun of the single Prime is the challenge - you just have to forget the missed opportunities and make new ones

The next outing will be with my Pentax A 100mm f2.8 (non-macro) - I haven't used it for a couple of years (never on Full-frame digital ), but it has always been a real favourite and I suspect it will be a little gem


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For those of use who don't know what a "Hollywood lens" is, can someone explain please.

Didn't want to ask earlier in the thread, I thought the answer might emerge, but it hasn't. Does it make the average ageing British male look like a film star?




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I'm not sure what lens this is either. I've always thought the Hollywood lens was a 28mm based on the Zeiss design. But these images are reporting that the focal length has been manually entered as 200mm.
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See here.....

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

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Apologies to JAK and Lubbyman

Steve (and Others...)
I did mean to add the explanation of the "Hollywood" - it's real name is the "SMC Pentax 28mm F2" and was the result of a venture between Zeiss and Asahi Pentax in the mid 1970's with a Zeiss T* and an SMC version being produced. I've read a few variants of the story behind the development, with several key features often mentioned:
The designer is Dr Erhard Glatzel who was responsible for the Apollo mission medium format Distagons used by NASA and the 50mm Planar F0.7 used by the legendary film maker Stanley Kubrick on Barry Lydon.
The 28mm f2 design contains a floating element to allow better performance at close distances and the Pentax versions were assembled in Japan.
The short lived partnership between Zeiss and Asahi Pentax (approx 1 year) was supposedly to look at the potential to exploit cheaper manufacturing cost found in Asia, and to improve Zeiss famous T* coatings. Another lens that was a result of the partnership was the 15mm f3.5 which has it's own story (featuring undeclared changes in significant parts of the optical design).
The lens was produced between 1976 and 1981 in two versions that were optically identical but with slightly different name designations.

You are correct - it is reporting on Flickr as a 200mm lens - but it is definitely the K28/2.0! Either I have dialled in the wrong setting on the camera when I mounted the lens (very likely as I was using the 200 Macro the day before) or Flickr is mis-reporting

....and I've just seen the helpful post from Algi on the history - Cheers
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