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Just in case anyone missed it there's a link to more samples at the bottom of the 1st post given in the quotes ...... i.e. .......


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I was wondering when the subject of Stanley Kubrick and Barry Lyndon would come up - excellent film - Leonard Rossiter was sublime....those candlelight scenes are remarkable
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Lovely images - echoing others 1&2 for me. I read this thread earlier in the day and enjoyed the google adventure to discover what lens it was and have now enjoyed the extra information given here. I'll keep my eye open but it appears a rare beast. I do a few single lens challenges with friends in London, previously I have taken my DA 21mm but recently I have been trying a newly acquired fa35/2 - both on a K3. I find the challenges difficult but the couple of keepers per outing always seem to be "not you usual style" and stretch your composition skills somewhat.


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I usually take just the one lens and often I need to guess before leaving the house as to what focal length I'll need. This can , of course, lead to missed opportunities: carrying a wide lens when a long telephoto is needed for a bird shot, trying to photograph a busy bumble bee with a DA*300 . Not being the most decisive person I often just take the DA18-135 but even then I find I need more reach or sometimes a wider aperture.

Photography for me is a chance to be creative and to get away from the technology that surrounds me in my day job. I normally do this by travelling light with my KX film or K5 cameras. I recently spent a week in North East Scotland visiting family and I took four lenses with me but used just one of them for 90% of the time. This is normal for me and I am happy with the approach.

During the week away I saw an adder for the first time in more than 30 years. It was sunning itself until I carefully moved to get my camera out at which point it became shy and disappeared into a stone wall; an Osprey eating a fish but sufficiently far away that I would have needed an 800mm lens to capture it (I watched it through binoculars), and a shrew that casually wandered past whilst I was sat on a bench having lunch. I generally find that if I relax and take in the sights and sounds of what is around me rather than itching to photograph everything then I get so much more from the experience.

Sometimes less is more, maybe.

Taking a chance and capturing something different is satisfying: your Monochrome Leaves picture is a great example.

As for my week away, the Zeiss 35mm f/2 was the most used lens I'll sort through my pictures and see if there's anything that is good enough to be posted alongside yours.

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

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LennyBloke, Algernon - Thanks for the explanations. I am now wiser and better educated.

It does seem to be a rather special lens that can produce special pictures (and not because they are razor sharp from corner to corner and resolve a gnat's eyebrows at 50 paces).



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I'm only on my phone at present and number 2 is the one that stands out for me.
Thanks for the lens info but, after a quick scan through it, I didn't notice why it is called Hollywood.


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Thanks for the additional comments Guys - really appreciated. And I'm glad that Algi and I could help with your trivia education

Nigel - glad to see that the Zeiss 35/2.0 is getting good use. I do think it's a sharper lens than my other 35mm's - particularly wide open, and has a lovely "look" to it!

Sorry Philip, I don't know the exact link between this lens and the nickname "Hollywood", I assume it's loosely to do with the Director Stanley Kubrik? I thought I'd read somewhere about a de-clicked Zeiss version being used for filming but I can't find the source of that

David - that FA35/2.0 is a great lens for a single prime challenge, I prefer that angle of view to that of a "Standard" (50mm) - it's got a much more natural look for me.

I've not actually seen the film Barry Lyndon as yet - although I did purchase a Kubrik boxed set of films a few weeks ago which includes it, so I'll bring it forward on my viewing list - thanks for jogging me Peter


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I find with the weight of the K1 + short or long zoom being on the heavy side, I often now use a prime on its own if I want a walkabout lens for a day.

I don't find this restrictive as long as I have given some thought to the focal length beforehand. Indeed a bit like my recent forays into b+w film, I find working with a single FL concentrates the mind more regards framing and thus make one think more about the shot beforehand.

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