Zooms or Primes

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Blythman wrote:
womble wrote:
It is purely a psychological thing, but I find I get a much higher "keep" rate with film+primes than I do with digital+zooms.

I doubt it is. I got more keepers with my 124G than with old 35mm bodies. It because of the care that was taken in setting up the shots as a result of the lack of automation and also the processing costs.

The difference is even more marked between film and digital. Each film image costs, whilst digital doesn't. Also with digital, a lot of framing can take place after the event. This was very much less of the case with film.

I think that is what I meant by "psychological". There is no reason why I shouldn't take the care with digital as I do with film, but in practice I usually don't.

Best wishes, Kris.
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Got you Digital images are "throw away".

While I notice that I seem to press the shutter a lot less than many younger togs that I've bumped into, I still press it a lot more than I did years ago.



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review here:
35 2.4
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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Don wrote:
review here:
35 2.4

Also here
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I use both.

15, 24, 50, 90, 135mm primes + 70-300mm or 50-200mm

The 10-24, 18-55 and 28-70 don't get much of a look in anymore.

Next? 35mm f2.4(MMmmmm) or f2.8(Grrrrrrr)

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ManixZero wrote:
Next? 35mm f2.4(MMmmmm) or f2.8(Grrrrrrr)

Or FA35 f/2.0 it appears the optics are the same as the f/2.4 but i've no idea about the price.

Since you already have the 15 and 24 why not get the 35 limited and the 70 to complete the set?

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Smeggypants wrote:
An interesting anecdote from my own shooting practises. For some reason 95% of shots when I've got a zoom on are either fully in or fully out. Which essentially means I'm using the zoom as a dual focal length prime

Exactly what I used to do and it irritated the hell out of me, So I dumped all my zooms and bought primes! I feel I'm learning to see allover, I'll never buy a "Standard Zoom" again (Insert Rod down back!)as I think they make me lazy but High quality Zooms like the 50-135 and the 60-250, Hmmm. I could see me with both of those eventually, After I get the DA*300 of course...
So I voted Primes... For now...
Cheers Jules...

Back in the room!
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primes all the way for me. i can't deal with the size of f/2.8 zooms!
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Mostly f2.8 zooms, but primes for long tele and fast wide.
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gillbod wrote:
primes all the way for me. i can't deal with the size of f/2.8 zooms!

And with that set of primes why would you want them either?

Personally I think I'd prefer the 77 to the 70 though.



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A bit of both for me, depending on the circumstance - f/2.8 AF zooms for general shooting or anything that moves quickly, but MF primes for low light, macro and portraiture.


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For "street" use, I prefer zooms, but working in the studio, the primes are used almost exclusively. For weddings, I use fast primes almost exclusively.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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I want a DA limited 24mm f2...Pentax please listen...


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Tyr wrote:
gillbod wrote:
primes all the way for me. i can't deal with the size of f/2.8 zooms!

And with that set of primes why would you want them either?

Personally I think I'd prefer the 77 to the 70 though.

I have been debating that one in my head. The even resolution characteristics of the 70mm seem to make it slightly preferable for landscape use, and the quick shift is a nice feature, so I'm sticking with the 70mm for the time being...

But LBA hasn't finished, even though I have a great set up. I want to buy something, it's just that I don't know what...
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A well loaded question in the OP.

Primes in most situations. I shoot 70-200 as a virtual standard lens yet a zoom lens by default is a compromise. It removes a thought process which, in itself, negates self discipline.

A zoom lens is the modern equivalent of a disposable point and shoot.

It' the equivalent of poor comprehensive education.

Its a flexible stepladder to self discipline.

Strong point of view?

You bet.

Yes and its mine and maybe not yours.

Best regards
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