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Does anyone have any experience of the X-5? The specs look good but wondered about real world experience.

I am considering getting one for my wife for when we go travelling.

Any opinions; good or bad appreciated.
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I don't have an X-5, but did have a 'bridge' camera for a while. They can sound impressive on paper but I found it to be something like fake DSLR, with at best moderate output.

Have you considered an MX-1, much more pocketable (or handbagable) and if your wife can live without a viewfinder (especially given that it is electronic), the MX-1 will give good results from what I can gather. The lens I know is good - same as on my brother's Oly. Mabye someone with experience of an MX-1 could give a more informed opinion.


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The MX-1 is a great performer and a very attractive camera as well. I'm using mine quite a lot currently.
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Thanks for the advice but my wife specifically wants a viewfinder.

She 'handled' an X-5 at a recent Pentax day at Wex and liked the feel of it. I am just surprised that no one on here seems to have one

I searched all the previous threads before posting this and noticed that no one seemed to want admit to owning one.

It would mainly be used from inside the car as she will use her (dare I say it) iPhone the rest of the time. She was using my K5iis but wants her own camera with a similar feel.

Is there anyone on here that can give an idea wht they're like to own?
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I think cedrick got one
cheers Neil
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The electronic viewfinders are not that great, so on the basis that she already uses the screen on her phone, perhaps she could be persuaded that a viewfinder isn't necessary for this type of camera?

If not then they are relatively inexpensive so it might be worth taking a chance.
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Hi All

I have an X5. I don't have an iPhone however the X5 is easy to use, versatile with its choice of electronic viewfinder or tiltable back screen for awkward angle shots. I'd have though the X5 would give better results as it has an powerful optical zoom whioh makes it easy to fill the available area with the subject and not rely on digital zoom.

You'll have seen that the viewfinder is electronic but surely better than the back screen when shooting in bright sunlight.

I like the way the X5 uses normal AA batteries (normal rechargeables work fine as well).

Also its great for closeups where the tilting screen is a great asset.

The one thing you notice in shooting is the shutter delay compared to a DSLR but I imagine the iPhone also has a shutter delay?

Everyone has different uses for their cameras and surely a 1000 camera must be technically better. The X5 takes better photos than my Galaxy phone and I'd say its good value for money.
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For some, the preference for an MX-1 over the X-5 is that the X-5 lacks the facility to take raw files and is a bit more bulky to carry. Bridge cameras seem great in theory but don't quite come up to a fully fledged DSLR, they only look a bit like one, so they're neither one thing nor the other!

A Q might also be worth considering - there have been some great bargains for those recently - but they do not have an optical viewfinder either.
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If she wants her own camera with a similar feel to your k5iis, why not try a k500 or even a used kx, maybe with a superzoom? Bridge cameras are disappointing in general - although Sony does offer a reasonable one with a 1 inch sensor (at a much higher cost of course! )


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Why not a used K100D? I've just bought one to replace my first ever DSLR which was stolen last year. It's small and with the kit lens wouldn't be much heavier than an X5.

An economical choice which is capable of producing excellent photographs, providing you don't wish to print larger than, say, A4.
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Thanks for all the comments. I'm now in two minds over this mainly because most posts seem to be telling me to look at something else and Rataegeoff, the only person to use one, says that the image quality is "better than his Galaxy phone". Which is hardly a great recommendation.

My wife tends to take pictures, through the windscreen, as we are driving along (we tend to do extended driving holidays/expeditions in our Land Rover each year). Becaause of the car motion she prefers to have a 'weighty' camera and would rather use a viewfinder. She uses the iPhone when she is out and about because of its convenience. Please bear in mind that my wife is not a photographer. She has no concept of or interest in RAW, jpg, aperture,composition, etc. etc. She presses the button to capture memories rather than photographs.
However on our last trip, due to the limited number of photo opportunities when we stopped, many of her images formed the mainstay of our collection. Because of this I want her to have a simple camera that gives the best chance of producing good quality images. It will be on Tv or auto 99% of the time.
As the X-5 has a 16Mp sensor I was hoping that the image quality would be quite good.
Rataegeoff your comments are appreciated and the points you made worthwhile but I was hoping for a bit more insight into the image side of things How is the output compared to your K10D or Kx for example?

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... or even at the comments from users on Amazon. The best electronic viewfinders are now very good, but I suspect from price alone that the X5's viewfinder cannot be in that category. If you're hoping to take pictures from a moving vehicle it would be worth checking that the pixels in the viewfinder can keep up, without any lag.
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I think a better camera for taking photographs from a moving vehicle would be one that took a strip of photos either side of the shutter press. That would allow the sharpest/best image to be selected. A DSLR nearly does that with its burst mode but there are bridge cameras (alas not Pentax) that take the picture you've just missed such as the Casio EX-FH20. Wish I could suggest a Pentax equivalent, if there is one I'd happily be put right and go out and get one!
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Thanks for that, but I think that what I have in mind was a camera with Shutter Priority or a 'sport' mode.

Examples from our most recent trip include this:

was taken crossing the Oresund Bridge at only 1/60

and these:

at 1/200

and this:

at 1/320

These were all taken on auto by Belinda (my wife) as we drove along. So even at relatively slow shutter speeds she has managed to capture some reasonable images. Admitedly there were lots of dashboard and headlining shots as well but that's only to be expected.

Our next trip is to the Faroes Islands and Iceland so we won't be driving too quickly and, as most of the roads will be empty, we will be able to slow down when we want.

I have looked at the reviews but was hoping to get some insight from other forum members for a 'real world' perspective.

CMW thanks for the idea about Amazon, I hadn't thought of that.

It would seem that the general feedback on the review sites and amazon is pretty positive although I'm not too impressed by the sample images on the ephotozine website.

As John R posted earlier, at 150 it's relatively inexpensive and so might be worth a try.
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